Original Name 水銀燈
Romaji Name Suigintō
Nicknames Mercury Lampe, Kurobara, Black Rose, Death Angel, Gin-chan
Series Rozen Maiden
Age Unknown
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A


Suigintou, the first doll in the Rozen Maiden collection, has a complex and multifaceted personality. Initially portrayed as an antagonist, her character evolves over the course of the series, eventually taking on a major protagonist role. Suigintou is driven by an intense desire to win the Alice Game, a competition among the Rozen Maiden dolls to become the perfect girl known as Alice and win the attention of “Father” (Rozen).
Sadistic, spiteful, and arrogant, Suigintou has a pronounced superiority complex. She has no inhibitions when it comes to the Alice game, using any means necessary, no matter how brutal, to ensure victory. While she generally avoids socializing with the other dolls, her animosity towards Shinku, one of the Rozen Maidens, borders on obsession. Suigintou can even approximate the amount of time that has passed since they last met.
However, Suigintou’s attitude and motivations begin to change when she meets Megu, her medium. She develops a strong affection for Megu that supersedes her desire to meet “Father. Suigintou’s desire to protect Megu becomes paramount, and she hopes to use the collected Rosa Mistica, the life force of the dolls, to heal Megu’s heart condition, rather than trying to become Alice herself.


Suigintou’s background is shrouded in mystery and gradually revealed throughout the series. In the anime adaptation, it is revealed that Suigintou is missing her torso, as her design was erased before it was completed. The identity of the person responsible for her restoration is never revealed. Rozen, the creator of the Rozen Maiden dolls, shows tender affection for Suigintou, repairing her necklace and mending her incomplete body.
In the manga, Suigintou’s body is deformed by wings, making her the only Rozen Maiden with such a feature. These wings have ravaged her back, leaving cracks. Despite her physical imperfections, Suigintou’s love for “Father” and her unwavering willpower allow her to use her powers independently of a medium. Her strong sense of independence and her disdain for humanity have kept her from signing a contract with a medium. In addition, Suigintou is the only Rozen Maiden to have been defeated and revived three times.


Suigintou has a striking and distinctive appearance. She is depicted as a doll with long flowing hair and piercing purple eyes. Her gothic, Lolita-inspired outfit exudes an air of elegance and darkness. Suigintou’s ensemble includes a black dress with intricate lace details, a corset, and a ruffled petticoat. She accessorizes with a black ribbon tied around her neck and a large black bow on her head.
In particular, Suigintou’s physical form is unique among the Rozen Maiden dolls. In the anime, her torso is missing, while in the manga, she has wings that have caused cracks on her back. These features add to her individuality and set her apart from the other dolls.


Suigintou possesses a number of extraordinary abilities that make her a formidable participant in the Alice game. She demonstrates superior combat skills and a ruthless determination to win. Suigintou can manipulate and control black feathers, which she uses both defensively and offensively. These feathers can be used as projectiles or fashioned into sharp blades, allowing her to engage in deadly combat with her enemies.
In addition to her combat prowess, Suigintou possesses a strong will to exist that allows her to move and act independently without relying on a medium. Her unwavering love for “Father” fuels her powers, giving her the ability to tap into her potential even without a full Rosa Mystica.


Suigintou’s origins lie in the mysterious world of the Rozen Maiden dolls. Created by Rozen, a skilled dollmaker and alchemist, she is the first doll in the collection. The purpose behind Rozen’s creation of the Rozen Maiden dolls and the Alice game is gradually revealed throughout the series.
As the series progresses, Suigintou’s backstory unfolds, shedding light on her intense hatred for Shinku and her desire to win the Alice game. Through flashbacks and revelations, it becomes clear that Suigintou’s connection to “Father” and her longing for his attention drive her actions and shape her character.
Suigintou’s journey in the Rozen Maiden universe is marked by her evolution from antagonist to complex and multifaceted character, demonstrating growth, redemption, and a shift in focus from personal ambition to compassion for others.

Suigintou – FAQ

Who is Suigintou in “Rozen Maiden”?

Suigintou is one of the main characters in the anime and manga series “Rozen Maiden”. She is the first of the Rozen Maiden dolls created by the dollmaker Rozen. Suigintou is known for her gothic Lolita fashion style, long flowing hair, and one-winged appearance.

What are Suigintou’s abilities?

Suigintou has several supernatural abilities, including the power to manipulate feathers as weapons and create illusions. She also has the ability to fly and can summon her mystical object, the Rosa Mystica, which contains her life force.

What is Suigintou’s personality like?

Suigintou is often portrayed as cold, distant, and mysterious. She has a strong desire to obtain the Rosa Mystica of the other Rozen Maiden dolls and become the perfect doll. However, beneath her icy exterior, she hides deep emotional scars and a longing for the love and approval of her creator.

What is Suigintou’s relationship to the other Rozen Maiden dolls?

Suigintou has a complex relationship with the other Rozen Maiden dolls. While she sees them as rivals and competitors, she also feels a deep longing for their companionship and the love of their creator, Rozen. Throughout the series, her relationships with the other dolls evolve and change.

What is Suigintou’s role in the “Rozen Maiden” storyline?

Suigintou plays a central role in the story of Rozen Maiden. Her quest to obtain the Rosa Mystica and become the perfect doll drives much of the plot. Her interactions with the other dolls and her personal journey of self-discovery and redemption are key elements of the story.

Does Suigintou have any notable character development?

Yes, Suigintou undergoes significant character development throughout the Rozen Maiden series. Initially portrayed as a cold and antagonistic character, her experiences and interactions with the other dolls lead to moments of vulnerability, growth, and eventual redemption. She becomes more empathetic and develops a deeper understanding of herself and her desires.