Original Name 翠星石
Romaji Name Suiseiseki
Nicknames Jade Stein
Series Rozen Maiden
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


Suiseiseki, a character from the Rozen Maiden anime and manga series, has a distinct personality that adds depth to her character. She is portrayed as the third Rozen Maiden doll and the older twin sister of Souseiseki. Suiseiseki is often described as timid and shy, showing her introverted nature. She is known for her initial distrust of humans and her general wariness of them. Despite her fears, Suiseiseki shows a mischievous and devious side, especially when interacting with those she knows. She enjoys being in the spotlight and engages in playful activities such as smashing windows and teasing her fellow doll, Hinaichigo. Suiseiseki’s character is characterized by her wild imagination, short temper, and tendency to tell elaborate lies to frighten Hinaichigo.

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As a Rozen Maiden doll, Suiseiseki is part of a group of intricately crafted dolls created by the enigmatic dollmaker Rozen. These dolls possess artificial spirits and are given the ability to communicate with and care for both ordinary plants and the “soul trees” of humans. Suiseiseki and her twin sister, Souseiseki, are called “gardeners” because of their unique connection to nature. They can access dream worlds where these soul trees reside. Suiseiseki’s artificial spirit allows her to summon a watering can, which she uses to nourish the Soul Trees and launch plant-based attacks.


Suiseiseki’s appearance is characterized by her heterochromatic eyes, where her left eye is green and her right eye is red. She has a distinctive high-pitched voice, which contributes to her memorable character design. As for her physical attributes, Suiseiseki is depicted as a doll with bright green hair and a petite stature. She is often seen wearing a traditional Victorian-style dress, which complements the aesthetic of the series and emphasizes the antique origins of the dolls.


Suiseiseki possesses unique abilities derived from her artificial spirit, named Sui Dream. With her watering can, she can make plants grow out of the ground and manipulate them to her advantage. This power allows her to engage in combat during the Alice Game, a central plot element in the Rozen Maiden series. Despite her abilities, Suiseiseki tries to avoid participating in the Alice Game as much as possible. She values the love and well-being of her fellow puppets over the pursuit of becoming Alice, making her one of the few puppets who opposes the game and has no intention of taking her sisters’ Rosa Mystica.


Suiseiseki’s character originates from the anime and manga series “Rozen Maiden” created by Peach-Pit. The series revolves around a group of dolls created by the fictional dollmaker Rozen. Suiseiseki’s role in the series contributes to the overarching narrative of the Alice Game, in which the dolls compete against each other to become Alice, a perfect doll with a powerful Rosa Mystica. Through her interactions with other characters and her distinctive personality, Suiseiseki adds depth and complexity to the story, making her a beloved and memorable character among fans of the series.
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Suiseiseki – FAQ

Who is Suiseiseki in “Rozen Maiden”?

Suiseiseki is a character from the anime and manga series “Rozen Maiden”. She is one of the main dolls known as the Rozen Maidens, created by the dollmaker Rozen. Suiseiseki is the third doll in the series and is recognizable by her green hair and her signature catchphrase, “Desu”.

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What are Suiseiseki’s personality traits?

Suiseiseki is often portrayed as mischievous, playful, and a bit tsundere. She can be sarcastic and blunt, but also caring and protective of her sisters. Suiseiseki is known for her strong bond with her twin sister, Souseiseki, and her close friendship with the main protagonist, Jun Sakurada.

What are Suiseiseki’s special skills?

Suiseiseki has the ability to communicate with plants, which she uses to gather information and gain insight into her surroundings. She can control and manipulate plants to her advantage, such as creating barriers or using vines as weapons. […]
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How does Suiseiseki interact with other characters in the series?

Suiseiseki has a close bond with her twin sister, Souseiseki, and the two often work together and support each other. She is also deeply attached to Jun Sakurada, the human boy who becomes involved with the Rozen Maidens. Suiseiseki sees Jun as her “medium” and develops a caring and protective relationship with him throughout the series.

Does Suiseiseki have any notable catchphrases or expressions?

Yes, Suiseiseki is known for her catchphrase “Desu”, which she adds at the end of her sentences. It has become one of her signature expressions and is often imitated by fans of the series. Suiseiseki’s “Desu” has become an iconic and recognizable element of her character.