Kusuo Saiki

Japanese Name 斉木 楠雄
Romaji Name Saiki Kusuo
Nicknames Kusuko, Kuriko, Partner, Kuu-chan, Sai, Cyborg Sodaman Mark II
Series Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan (ONA)
Age (Age Unknown)
Weight Approximately 52 kg
Height 167 cm
Date of Birth (Date of Birth Unknown)
Blood Type (Blood Type Unknown)

Kusuo Saiki is the main protagonist of the anime series “Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan (ONA)” based on the manga of the same name. He is a gifted clairvoyant with a variety of supernatural abilities. This article gives an overview of Kusuo Saiki’s personality, background, appearance, abilities and origin.


Kusuo Saiki has an extremely ruthless personality. As a psychic who can do whatever he wants, he has become detached from the world around him. Despite his aloof nature, Kusuo is extremely cautious and often runs away from Nendou, the only person he fears. He also has a sweet tooth, especially for coffee jelly.


Kusuo Saiki was born with psychic abilities. At just fourteen days old, he uttered his first word without moving his mouth, and at one month old, he took his first step in the air. At the age of one, Kusuo had already voluntarily used his powers when his mother mentioned that they were out of Mirin, as he teleported away and returned with several bottles of Mirin. The full extent of his abilities is unknown.


Kusuo Saiki has a rather ordinary appearance. He has short, straight black hair and brown eyes. He is 167 cm tall and weighs approximately 52 kg. It should be noted that his height and weight can vary.


Kusuo Saiki possesses a wide range of supernatural abilities. Some of these include telekinesis, levitation, telepathy, teleportation, rapport, precognition, psychometry, clairvoyance, pyrokinesis, fulgurkinesis, x-ray vision, apport, astral projection, possession, cryokinesis, curse, death warning, ESP to prevent fogging of glasses, hydrokinesis, hypnosis, invisibility, mediumship, memory alteration, mind control, play stop laser, perspective, petrification, psychic hold, restoration, shrinking power/size enhancement, song cancellation laser, super strength, sweating, thoughtography, time travel/time leaps, and transformation.


Kusuo Saiki’s origin lies in his innate psychic abilities, which he has possessed since birth. The manifestation of his powers began with the ability to hear the voices of his parents and subsequently communicate with them telepathically. Over time, his abilities expanded and he gradually discovered new powers, such as the ability to walk in the air. Despite the enormous potential of his abilities, Kusuo often sees them as more of a curse than a blessing.
In the anime series “Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan (ONA)”, Kusuo Saiki’s unique personality, background, appearance, and extraordinary abilities contribute to the show’s intriguing narrative and comedic elements.

Kusuo Saiki – FAQ

Who is Kusuo Saiki?

Kusuo Saiki is the protagonist of the anime and manga series “Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan (ONA)” (also known as “The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.”). He is a high school student who possesses a wide range of psychic abilities.

What are the psychic abilities of Kusuo Saiki?

Kusuo Saiki has a variety of psychic powers, including telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, psychometry, precognition, and pyrokinesis. He is also able to manipulate his own body, such as making himself invisible or teleporting.

How does Kusuo Saiki use his psychic powers?

Kusuo Saiki primarily uses his psychic abilities to navigate through his daily life. He often uses telepathy to communicate with others and read their minds, which helps him avoid awkward situations. He also uses his powers to solve problems and help his friends, though he tries to keep his abilities a secret.

What is Kusuo Saiki’s personality like?

Kusuo Saiki is generally calm, serene, and indifferent to the world around him. He prefers a peaceful and quiet life and is often frustrated by the constant disruptions caused by his psychic abilities. He is highly intelligent and often uses his powers to manipulate situations to his advantage.

Does Kusuo Saiki have any weaknesses?

Despite his incredible psychic abilities, Kusuo Saiki has a few weaknesses. One of his main weaknesses is his low tolerance for physical exertion, which means he tires easily. He is also very sensitive to the paranormal and has a fear of ghosts and horror movies.

How does Kusuo Saiki interact with the other characters in the series?

Kusuo Saiki interacts with a wide range of characters, including his classmates, family members, and other psychics. He often tries to keep a distance from others to avoid drawing attention to himself, but he occasionally forms deep bonds with certain people who accept him for who he is.