Tarou Sakamoto

Japanese Name 坂本 太郎
Romaji Name Sakamoto Tarou
Nicknames The Legendary Hitman
Series Sakamoto Days
Age 27
Weight N/A
Height 188 cm (6’2″)
Date of Birth November 21st, 1993
Blood Type N/A

Tarou Sakamoto from Sakamoto Days: A legendary hitman turned convenience store owner.

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Tarou Sakamoto, also known as “The Legendary Hitman,” has a unique and multifaceted personality. Despite his dark past as an assassin, Tarou is now a kind-hearted and gentle individual. His decision to leave behind his life as a hitman and embrace a more ordinary existence stems from his deep love for Aoi Sakamoto, whom he fell in love with and married. Tarou is devoted to his family and has a strong sense of responsibility and protectiveness towards them. He is willing to go to great lengths to ensure their safety and happiness.


Tarou Sakamoto was once revered as the world’s greatest assassin, feared by criminals and respected by his fellow assassins. But everything changed when he met Aoi Sakamoto, a beautiful clerk with whom he fell deeply in love. Motivated by his love for her, Tarou made the decision to give up his life as a killer and live a peaceful life with Aoi. This decision, however, made him a wanted man in the criminal underworld, forcing him to constantly evade dangerous individuals seeking revenge or the high bounty on his head.


Tarou Sakamoto has a striking appearance, standing an impressive 6’2″ (188 cm) tall. He has a well-built and muscular physique, due to his past as an elite assassin. Tarou’s distinctive features include a mature face, gray hair, and a neatly tied bun at the back of his head. Despite his intimidating appearance, his warm and gentle demeanor is evident in his expressive eyes and kind smile.


As a former legendary assassin, Tarou Sakamoto possesses exceptional martial arts and tactical skills. He is highly skilled in various forms of hand-to-hand combat, armed combat, and stealth techniques. His years of experience as an assassin have honed his reflexes, making him a formidable opponent in combat situations. Tarou’s ability to strategize and adapt to different situations allows him to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges.


Tarou Sakamoto’s journey from feared assassin to convenience store owner is the central premise of the manga series “Sakamoto Days”. Created by Yuto Suzuki, the story follows Tarou’s life as he navigates the dangers of his past while striving to protect his loved ones. The series explores themes of redemption, love, and the pursuit of a peaceful life amidst a shadowy world. Tarou’s transformation from a notorious assassin to a family man highlights the capacity for change and the power of love to shape one’s destiny.

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Tarou Sakamoto – FAQ

Who is Tarou Sakamoto?

Tarou Sakamoto is the main protagonist of the manga series “Sakamoto Days”. He was once an elite assassin known as “The Hitman Sakamoto”, feared by many in the criminal underworld. However, he retired from his violent lifestyle and now leads a quiet, ordinary life as a grocery store owner.

Why did Tarou Sakamoto retire from being a killer?

Tarou Sakamoto retired from being a hitman after meeting and falling in love with Aizawa Kozue, who became his wife. He wanted to leave his dangerous past behind and live a peaceful life with her. Retiring also allowed him to spend more time with his daughter, Himawari, and protect his family from the dangers of his former profession.

What are Tarou Sakamoto’s skills?

Tarou Sakamoto possesses exceptional martial arts skills honed during his years as a hitman. He is a master of various fighting techniques and is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, marksmanship, and the use of various weapons. Sakamoto also possesses incredible reflexes, agility, and strength, making him a formidable opponent.

How does Tarou Sakamoto maintain his normal appearance despite his past as an assassin?

Tarou Sakamoto uses a special mask called the “Hitman Mask” to hide his identity and maintain his normal appearance. The mask covers his face and gives him a more approachable and unassuming appearance, making it difficult for others to recognize him as the feared assassin he once was.

Will Tarou Sakamoto ever return to his killer lifestyle?

Although Tarou Sakamoto initially retired as a hitman, circumstances occasionally force him to confront his past and use his skills again. Despite his desire for a peaceful life, his willingness to protect his loved ones and confront threats sometimes leads him back into the world of violence.

Does Tarou have any allies or friends?

Throughout the series, Tarou Sakamoto forms alliances with various people who help him in his endeavors. One of his closest allies is Shin, a former police officer who admires Sakamoto and helps him with his missions. Other characters, such as Inugane and Saru, also become valuable allies and friends to Sakamoto.