Atsushi Maeda

Original Name (Japanese): 前田 あつし
Romaji Name: Maeda Atsushi
Nicknames: Acchan
Series: Sakamoto desu ga?
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Atsushi “Acchan” Maeda is one of the three delinquents who target Sakamoto for bullying in the anime series “Sakamoto desu ga? After being repeatedly beaten by Sakamoto’s cool and unflappable demeanor, Acchan develops a mixture of resentment and admiration for him. He can be petty and vindictive at times, as seen when he was manipulated into attacking Sakamoto during a graduation ceremony. However, he eventually gives up and expresses his jealousy towards Sakamoto, showing a more vulnerable side. Acchan also announces his dream to study harder and surpass Sakamoto, indicating a desire to improve himself.


Atsushi Maeda is a classmate of Sakamoto’s in class 1-2. Along with KENKEN and Mario, he is part of a group of three delinquents who initially target Sakamoto for bullying.

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Acchan is characterized by his red hat, which is his trademark. He has short, dark hair and a slightly rebellious appearance that matches his status as a delinquent.


Acchan’s main ability is his determination and persistence in trying to get back at Sakamoto, even after failing repeatedly. However, his skills are no match for Sakamoto’s superior intelligence and composure.


Atsushi Maeda is a character created for the anime and manga series “Sakamoto desu ga? He serves as one of the main antagonists in the early parts of the story, before his character arc develops and he becomes more sympathetic to Sakamoto.

Atsushi Maeda – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Atsushi Maeda from “Sakamoto desu ga?

Who is Atsushi Maeda?

Atsushi Maeda is a character from the anime/manga series “Sakamoto desu ga?” (or “Haven’t you heard? I’m Sakamoto”). He is one of Sakamoto’s classmates and is often seen hanging out with the group of students surrounding Sakamoto.

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What is Atsushi Maeda’s role in the story?

Atsushi Maeda is a supporting character in “Sakamoto desu ga? He is part of Sakamoto’s social circle and often observes Sakamoto’s effortless coolness and competence with a mixture of awe and confusion. Maeda sometimes gets caught up in Sakamoto’s antics, adding to the series’ humorous situations.

What is Atsushi Maeda’s personality like?

Maeda is portrayed as an average, somewhat shy high school student. He is easily impressed by Sakamoto’s extraordinary abilities and seems to look up to him. Maeda is often flustered or confused by Sakamoto’s nonchalant handling of various situations.

Does Atsushi Maeda have any special skills or talents?

Atsushi Maeda does not appear to have any special abilities or talents. He is shown to be a relatively normal student, especially compared to the exceptionally talented Sakamoto. Maeda’s main role is to provide a foil to showcase Sakamoto’s unique personality and abilities.

How does Atsushi Maeda interact with the other characters?

Maeda is often seen interacting with Sakamoto and the group of students surrounding him. He typically displays a sense of awe and admiration for Sakamoto, while at the same time being perplexed by Sakamoto’s effortless coolness. Maeda also has casual interactions with the other minor characters in the series.

Does Atsushi Maeda undergo any significant character development?

Although Atsushi Maeda is a recurring character in “Sakamoto desu ga?”, he does not undergo any major character development during the course of the series. He largely maintains his role as a supporting character who serves to highlight Sakamoto’s exceptional nature. Maeda’s personality and interactions with the other characters remain relatively consistent throughout the story.