Original Name 坂本
Romaji Name Sakamoto
Nicknames None
Series Sakamoto desu ga?
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


Sakamoto, from the anime series “Sakamoto desu ga?”, is portrayed as a model student with an exceptional personality. He is considered the epitome of coolness and perfection in his school. Sakamoto has a unique ability to solve any problem with his kind and calm demeanor, earning him the admiration of his peers. Despite his impeccable reputation, he often displays eccentric behavior, such as striking strange poses or acting in a sneaky manner, which only adds to his charm and mystique. Sakamoto’s enigmatic personality and ability to effortlessly handle any situation make him a fascinating and captivating character.


The background of Sakamoto in “Sakamoto desu ga?” is not extensively explored, but it is implied that he comes from a relatively ordinary background. He is a high school student known for his remarkable skills and intelligence. Sakamoto’s background is not the central focus of the series, as the narrative revolves primarily around his interactions with his classmates and the impact he has on their lives. However, his background as a diligent and exceptional student contributes to his reputation and the admiration he receives from his peers.


Sakamoto’s appearance in “Sakamoto desu ga?” is characterized by his elegant and stylish appearance. He is portrayed as a tall, slender young man with well-groomed black hair and sharp, captivating eyes. Sakamoto is always impeccably dressed, and is often seen in his school uniform or fashionable clothes, further emphasizing his cool and sophisticated aura. His appearance exudes confidence and elegance, making him stand out among his classmates.


Sakamoto possesses a number of extraordinary abilities that contribute to his reputation as an exceptional individual. He has a keen intellect and problem-solving skills that allow him to overcome various challenges with ease. In addition, Sakamoto possesses “secret skills” that allow him to perform impressive feats such as catching bugs with precision or blowing bubbles with finesse. These abilities, combined with his calm and collected nature, set him apart from his peers and make him an object of admiration and fascination.


“Sakamoto desu ga?” is a popular anime series featuring the character of Sakamoto. The series was adapted from the manga of the same name created by Nami Sano. It revolves around Sakamoto’s interactions with his classmates and the impact he has on their lives through his extraordinary abilities and charismatic personality. The anime adaptation of “Sakamoto desu ga?” was produced by Studio Deen and aired from April to June 2016. The series gained a significant following for its unique and entertaining portrayal of Sakamoto’s cool and unconventional character.
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Sakamoto – FAQ

Who is Sakamoto from “Sakamoto desu ga”?

Sakamoto is the main character of the anime and manga series “Sakamoto desu ga?” (translated as “Haven’t you heard? I’m Sakamoto”). He is a high school student known for his exceptional talents, intelligence, and cool demeanor.

What are Sakamoto’s special skills?

Sakamoto has a wide range of exceptional abilities. He excels in academics, sports, and even various artistic endeavors. He is an accomplished pianist, a master of martial arts, and has an impeccable fashion sense. Sakamoto is also known for his ability to turn any situation into a stylish and impressive performance.

What is Sakamoto’s personality like?

Sakamoto is known for his calm and collected personality. He always maintains an air of elegance and coolness, even in the face of challenging or embarrassing situations. He is confident, intelligent, and has a strong sense of self. Sakamoto is often seen as enigmatic and mysterious, leaving his classmates in awe and admiration.

What is the main plot of “Sakamoto desu ga”?

“Sakamoto desu ga? follows the daily life of Sakamoto as he goes through high school and encounters various situations. Each episode or chapter shows Sakamoto’s ability to handle any challenge with grace and style, often leaving a lasting impact on those around him. The series combines comedy, slice-of-life elements, and occasional moments of drama.

How do Sakamoto’s classmates perceive him?

Sakamoto’s classmates have mixed reactions to his presence. Some admire him and are inspired by his talents, while others may feel jealous or resentful of his abilities. Throughout the series, Sakamoto’s actions often bring about unexpected changes in the lives of his classmates, leading to personal growth and self-reflection.

Is “Sakamoto desu ga?” a comedy series?

Yes, “Sakamoto desu ga?” is primarily a comedy series. It uses humor to show Sakamoto’s unconventional and unusual approaches to everyday situations. The series often relies on slapstick humor, visual gags, and exaggerated reactions to create a light-hearted and entertaining atmosphere.