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Samurai Flamenco

Moe Morita

Original Name (Japanese): 森田 萌 Romaji Name: Morita Moe Nicknames: Flamenco Sapphire Series: Samurai Flamenco Age: 17 Height: 167 cm Date of Birth: January 1 Blood Type: O Personality Moe Morita is described as a high school student with a reserved yet carefree personality. She is somewhat shy and laid back, but her English pronunciation […]

Hidenori Gotou

Original Name 後藤 英徳 Romaji Name Gotou Hidenori Nicknames N/A Series Samurai Flamenco Age 24 Weight N/A Height N/A Date of Birth N/A Blood Type N/A Hidenori Gotou – The hardworking policeman of Samurai Flamenco Personality Hidenori Gotou, a character from the anime series “Samurai Flamenco”, is portrayed as an average man working as a […]

Masayoshi Hazama

Original Name 羽佐間 正義 Romaji Name Masayoshi Hazama Nicknames Samurai Flamenco, Samumenco Series Samurai Flamenco Age 19; 20 (end) Weight 72 kg Height 183 cm Date of Birth September 28 Blood Type AB Masayoshi Hazama – The Heroic Spirit of Samurai Flamenco Personality Masayoshi Hazama, also known as Samurai Flamenco, is a young man with […]