Moe Morita

Original Name (Japanese): 森田 萌
Romaji Name: Morita Moe
Nicknames: Flamenco Sapphire
Series: Samurai Flamenco
Age: 17
Height: 167 cm
Date of Birth: January 1
Blood Type: O


Moe Morita is described as a high school student with a reserved yet carefree personality. She is somewhat shy and laid back, but her English pronunciation is surprisingly close to native level. Moe is attracted to her fellow idol group member, Mari Maya.


Moe is the youngest member of the idol group Mineral Miracle Muse (MMM). Not much is known about her personal background other than that she is a high school student.

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Moe has short, light brown hair and wears the standard MMM idol uniform. Her physical characteristics include a height of 167 cm and a blood type of O.


As an idol, Moe probably has singing and dancing skills that allow her to perform with the MMM group. Her strong English skills also suggest that she has language skills.


Moe Morita is a character from the anime/manga series Samurai Flamenco, where she is a supporting character. She is introduced as a member of the idol group MMM.

Moe Morita – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Moe Morita from “Samurai Flamenco”:

Who is Moe Morita?

Moe Morita is one of the main characters of the anime series “Samurai Flamenco”. She is a young woman who becomes a superhero called “Flamenco Girl” alongside the protagonist, Masayoshi Hazama, who is the titular “Samurai Flamenco”. Moe is a fashion model who is initially skeptical of Masayoshi’s superhero antics, but eventually joins him in fighting crime and protecting the city.

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What is Moe’s role in the story?

Moe begins as a bystander and skeptic of Masayoshi’s superhero ambitions, but gradually becomes drawn into his world. As Flamenco Girl, she provides Masayoshi with crucial support and assistance, using her modeling skills and connections to help him. She also plays a key role in grounding Masayoshi and keeping him focused as his superhero activities become increasingly bizarre and fantastical.

What are Moe’s powers and abilities?

As Flamenco Girl, Moe does not have any explicit superpowers. However, she is highly athletic, skilled in martial arts, and an excellent fighter. She also uses her modeling skills and fashion sense to create stylish superhero outfits and equipment. Moe’s main contributions are tactical support, intelligence gathering, and being a voice of reason to the more impulsive Masayoshi.

How does Moe’s character develop throughout the series?

Over the course of “Samurai Flamenco,” Moe undergoes significant personal growth and development. She begins as a skeptical bystander, but gradually becomes more involved in Masayoshi’s superhero activities. As Flamenco Girl, she gains confidence and a stronger sense of purpose, eventually becoming a capable and vital member of the superhero team. Moe’s relationship with Masayoshi also deepens as she comes to truly believe in and support his mission.

What is Moe’s backstory?

Moe’s backstory is not heavily explored in the series, but some details are revealed. She comes from a wealthy family and was a successful fashion model before becoming involved in Masayoshi’s superhero activities. Moe is shown to be very capable and independent, having learned martial arts and other skills on her own. Her motivations for joining Masayoshi as Flamenco Girl are not entirely clear, but seem to stem from a desire to help and protect others.

How does Moe’s relationship with Masayoshi develop?

Moe’s relationship with Masayoshi begins with skepticism and annoyance as she tries to talk him out of his superhero antics. Over time, however, she becomes more invested in his mission, and the two develop a close partnership and friendship. Moe provides Masayoshi with crucial support and grounding, while also learning to embrace her own role as a superhero. The relationship between Moe and Masayoshi becomes an important emotional core of the series.