Gonzaburou Tashiro

Original Name (Japanese): 田代 権三郎
Romanized Name: Tashiro Gonzaburou
Nicknames: None
Series: Sasaki to Miyano
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: 165 – 172 cm
Date of Birth: July 8
Blood Type: B


Gonzaburou Tashiro is portrayed as a cheerful, outgoing, and active individual. He is friendly with his friends Miyano and Kuresawa, and is often seen wearing a green zippered hoodie instead of his school uniform jacket. Tashiro has a fondness for sweets and is described as being full of energy.


Tashiro is one of the main supporting characters in the Sasaki and Miyano series. He is close friends with the main characters, Miyano and Kuresawa. Tashiro bleached his hair for high school, but the ping-pong club captain forbade him to dye it again, so he avoids cutting it to keep it from being mostly black.

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Tashiro has black hair with bleached ends and green eyes. He is 165-172 cm tall, which is about 5’5″ to 5’8″ in Western measurements.


The series does not provide specific information about Tashiro’s abilities, but as a supporting character, he probably has average skills and abilities typical of a high school student.


Tashiro Gonzaburou is a fictional character created for the Sasaki and Miyano manga and anime series. He was created by series creator Sho Harusono and is voiced by Mitsuhiro Ichiki in the Japanese anime and Yung-I Chang in the English dub.

Gonzaburou Tashiro – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Gonzaburou Tashiro from “Sasaki to Miyano”:

Who is Gonzaburou Tashiro?

Gonzaburou Tashiro is a supporting character in the slice-of-life manga and anime series “Sasaki to Miyano”. He is the homeroom teacher of the main characters Shuuichi Miyano and Yoshikazu Sasaki.

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What is Gonzaburou Tashiro’s role in the story?

As the homeroom teacher, Gonzaburou Tashiro plays a mentoring and guiding role for the students. He is portrayed as a caring and compassionate teacher who takes an interest in the personal lives and relationships of the characters.

What is Gonzaburou Tashiro’s personality like?

Gonzaburou Tashiro is described as a kind and sensitive teacher. He is attuned to the emotions and dynamics of his students and offers gentle advice and support when needed. He is also said to have a good sense of humor and a relaxed demeanor in the classroom.

How does Gonzaburou Tashiro interact with the main characters?

Gonzaburou Tashiro has a positive and supportive relationship with both Shuuichi Miyano and Yoshikazu Sasaki. He encourages their growth and self-discovery, and acts as a confidant when the characters need someone to talk to.

What is Gonzaburou Tashiro’s backstory or history?

The manga and anime do not delve deeply into Gonzaburou Tashiro’s personal history or backstory. He is primarily portrayed in his role as a homeroom teacher within the narrative.

How important is Gonzaburou Tashiro to the overall story of “Sasaki to Miyano”?

Although not a central protagonist, Gonzaburou Tashiro plays a significant supporting role in the story. His presence and guidance help shape the personal growth and relationships of the main characters throughout the series.