Kiri Komori

Original Name (Japanese): 小森 霧
Romaji Name: Komori Kiri
Nicknames: Zashiki-warashi
Series: Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
Age: 17
Height: 165 cm
Date of Birth: June 9
Blood Type: A
Three Sizes: 84/55/84


Kiri Komori is a shy and reclusive individual who suffers from hikikomori, a condition in which one withdraws from social interaction. She spends most of her time isolated in an unused classroom, only occasionally appearing in odd places around the school. Despite her reclusive nature, Kiri is shown to have a gentle and caring personality, as she falls in love with the series’ protagonist, Nozomu Itoshiki, when he tries to persuade her to return to class.


Kiri’s name is derived from “komorikiri”, which means “always staying indoors”. This reflects her tendency to isolate herself and avoid social interaction. She is a student in class 2-F, though her attendance is sporadic due to her hikikomori lifestyle.

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Kiri is described as a beautiful, fair-skinned girl whose appearance is hidden behind her long hair and the blanket she often wears. She has a delicate, almost fragile appearance that contributes to her withdrawn and reserved demeanor.


Kiri does not appear to possess any notable abilities, as her primary focus is on avoiding social interaction and staying hidden. Her hikikomori lifestyle has likely limited her opportunities to develop any special skills or talents.


Kiri Komori is a character from the anime and manga series “Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei” created by Kouji Kumeta. She is one of the supporting characters in the series and serves as a representation of the hikikomori phenomenon in Japanese society.

Kiri Komori – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Kiri Komori from “Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei”:

Who is Kiri Komori?

Kiri Komori is a character from the anime and manga series “Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei”. She is a member of Nozomu Itoshiki’s class and is known for her extremely negative outlook on life.

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What is Kiri Komori’s personality like?

Kiri Komori is extremely pessimistic and gloomy. She constantly expresses her belief that the world is hopeless and that everything is destined to end in despair. Despite her gloomy outlook, she is also intelligent and articulate in expressing her views.

What does Kiri Komori look like?

Kiri Komori has long, dark hair and wears a black gothic Lolita-style dress. She often has a stern, brooding expression on her face, in keeping with her pessimistic personality.

What is Kiri Komori’s role in the story?

Kiri Komori serves as a foil to the show’s protagonist, Nozomu Itoshiki. Her extreme pessimism provides a counterpoint to Nozomu’s own despair, and she often engages him in philosophical debates about the nature of existence and the inevitability of doom.

How does Kiri Komori interact with the other characters?

Kiri Komori tends to keep to herself and avoids interacting with the other students, seeing them as hopelessly naive and optimistic. However, she forms a strange friendship with the equally gloomy Abiru Kobushi, and the two characters often engage in dark humor together.

What is the significance of Kiri Komori in the overall story?

Kiri Komori’s character represents the darker, more nihilistic aspects of the show’s themes. Her presence helps to balance the sometimes overly whimsical and absurd elements of the series, and her philosophical debates with Nozomu provide an opportunity for deeper exploration of the show’s underlying ideas about the nature of existence and despair.