Nozomu Itoshiki

Japanese Name 糸色 望
Romaji Name Itoshiki Nozomu
Nicknames Zetsubou-sensei, Momoiro Kakarichou
Series Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
Age Varies depending on the series
Weight Varies depending on the series
Height Varies depending on the series
Date of Birth November 4
Blood Type Unknown


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A closer look at the protagonist of “Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei


Nozomu Itoshiki, the main character of the anime and manga series “Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei,” is known for his unique personality traits. He is portrayed as an extremely negative, paranoid, and pessimistic individual. Itoshiki often finds himself in a state of despair, often proclaiming, “I’m in despair!” Despite his constant despair, his suicide attempts are usually not serious in nature.


Nozomu Itoshiki is a high school teacher and the youngest son of the Itoshiki family. He has a rather unfortunate name, as it contains an unlucky number of characters. His negative personality began to develop during his first year of high school when he unintentionally joined a “negative” club. Itoshiki is inspired by the main character of Dazai Osamu’s novel “No Longer Human”, which happens to be his favorite novel.


Itoshiki is often seen wearing traditional Japanese clothing such as a hakama and kimono when he is outdoors. However, when he is in his hometown, he prefers to dress casually in frivolous Western clothes. This contrast in clothing choices reflects his contradictory nature and adds to his eccentric character design.


Although Nozomu Itoshiki has no supernatural abilities, it is revealed that he lives on the edge of life and death due to his numerous suicide attempts. This unique perspective allows him to see and interact with the deceased. Although this ability is not extensively explored in the series, it adds a fascinating element to his character.

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Nozomu Itoshiki is from the anime and manga series “Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei”. Created by Kōji Kumeta, the series follows the life of Itoshiki, a teacher who finds himself surrounded by a class of eccentric students. The series delves into various social and psychological issues, using dark humor and satire to explore the complexities of human nature.

Nozomu Itoshiki – FAQ

Who is Nozomu Itoshiki?

Nozomu Itoshiki is the main protagonist of the manga and anime series “Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei” created by Koji Kumeta. He is a high school teacher known for his extreme pessimism and constant state of despair.

Why is Nozomu Itoshiki always in despair?

Nozomu Itoshiki’s despair is a recurring theme in the series and serves as a satirical commentary on various aspects of Japanese society. Despite his best efforts, he is often overwhelmed by the negative aspects of life and becomes despondent.

What are some of the characteristics of Nozomu Itoshiki?

Nozomu Itoshiki is known for his distinctive appearance, including his unkempt hair and perpetually closed eyes. He has a keen intellect and a deep understanding of various social issues. He is also very sensitive and easily affected by the slightest negative event.

What is Nozomu Itoshiki’s teaching style?

Nozomu Itoshiki’s teaching style can be described as unconventional and often reflects his pessimistic view of the world. He often focuses on the negative aspects of each topic in order to give his students a critical and alternative perspective on various subjects.

Does Nozomu Itoshiki have any students who try to help him?

Yes, throughout the series, several of Nozomu Itoshiki’s students try to help him overcome his despair. One notable character is Kafuka Fuura, an optimistic and cheerful student who always tries to find the positive side of every situation and offers support to Nozomu.

How does Nozomu Itoshiki’s character develop over the course of the series?

As the series progresses, Nozomu Itoshiki’s character evolves quite a bit. While he remains deeply pessimistic, he occasionally experiences moments of hope and glimpses of happiness thanks to his interactions with his students and their efforts to challenge his worldview.