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School Rumble

Tenma Tsukamoto

Japanese Name 塚本 天満 Romaji Name Tsukamoto Tenma Nicknames – Series School Rumble Age 16 Weight 43 kg Height 154 cm Date of Birth November 30 Blood Type B Personality Tenma Tsukamoto, the female protagonist of “School Rumble”, is known for her distinctive and lovable personality. Although she is 16 years old, she has a […]

Yakumo Tsukamoto

Original Name 塚本 八雲 Romaji Name Tsukamoto Yakumo Nicknames Imouto-san Series School Rumble Age Varies depending on the series and timeline Weight Not specified Height 166 cm Date of Birth March 23 Blood Type Not specified Personality Yakumo Tsukamoto, a character from the popular anime and manga series “School Rumble”, is known for her unique […]

Eri Sawachika

Japanese Name 沢近 愛理 Romaji Name Sawachika Eri Nicknames Ojou, Rich Girl, Blondy Series School Rumble Age Varies throughout the series Weight Not specified Height 165cm Date of Birth February 28 Blood Type A Eri Sawachika The spirited beauty of School Rumble Personality Eri Sawachika, a prominent character in the School Rumble anime and manga […]

Kenji Harima

Original Name 播磨 拳児 Romaji Name Harima Kenji Nicknames Hige, Harima Hario, Kappa, God, Whiskers, Beardy Series School Rumble Age N/A Weight N/A Height 180 cm (5’11”) Date of Birth December 1 Blood Type O Personality Kenji Harima, the male protagonist of the anime and manga series “School Rumble”, has a complex and multifaceted personality. […]