Akira Takano

Japanese Name 高野 晶
Romaji Name Takano Akira
Nicknames N/A
Series School Rumble
Age N/A
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth January 29
Blood Type N/A

Akira Takano of “School Rumble”: A Closer Look

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Akira Takano, a character from the anime series “School Rumble”, is known for her enigmatic and mysterious personality. She is sharp-witted, resourceful, and highly intelligent. Akira often hides her true intentions behind a calm and collected exterior, making it difficult for others to predict her next move. She is also mischievous and enjoys playing pranks on her classmates while secretly helping her friends.


Not much is revealed about Akira’s background in “School Rumble”. She is the president of the Tea Club and a close friend of Tenma, the main character. Akira is involved in various activities, such as planning war games and having an interest in economics. Despite her involvement in these unique hobbies, her past and personal history remain unknown.


Akira Takano has a distinct appearance in the series. She is often seen in her school uniform, which consists of a white blouse, a blue tie, and a pleated skirt. Her long, dark hair is usually styled in two braids, giving her a youthful and playful look. Akira’s eyes are sharp and perceptive, reflecting her mysterious nature.


Akira has several notable abilities that contribute to her role in the series. Her high level of intelligence allows her to quickly analyze situations and come up with strategic plans. She is resourceful and often uses her knowledge to help her friends or pull pranks. Akira’s perceptive nature allows her to understand the dynamics between her classmates and their romantic interests, although she chooses to keep this information to herself.


Akira Takano is from the anime series “School Rumble”. The anime, based on the manga by Jin Kobayashi, follows the comedic and romantic misadventures of its main characters, including Akira. Throughout the series, Akira’s mysterious personality and involvement in various activities contribute to the show’s overall comedic and lighthearted tone.
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Akira Takano – FAQ

Who is Akira Takano in “School Rumble”?

Akira Takano is a fictional character in the manga and anime series “School Rumble”. She is a student at Yagami High School and is known for her tough and tomboyish personality.

What is Akira Takano’s role in “School Rumble”?

Akira Takano is one of the main characters in School Rumble. She is a member of the delinquent group called the “Pyramid Gang” and often gets into comical and chaotic situations with the other characters.

What are Akira Takano’s characteristics and personality?

Akira Takano is portrayed as a tough and fearless girl with a tomboyish personality. She is often seen wearing her signature motorcycle helmet and jacket. Akira is known for her strong sense of justice, loyalty to her friends, and a fiery temper. Despite her tough exterior, she also has a sensitive side.

Does Akira Takano have any special skills or talents?

Akira Takano is skilled in various forms of martial arts and is known for her exceptional physical strength. She is often seen in combat and is considered one of the strongest characters in the series. She is also an accomplished rider and has a passion for motorcycles.

What is the relationship between Akira Takano and the other characters in School Rumble?

Akira Takano is friends with the other members of the Pyramid Gang, especially Tenma Tsukamoto and Eri Sawachika. She is also close to another delinquent character named Mikoto Suou. Akira often finds herself in comedic situations with the other characters, and their interactions are an essential part of the series’ humor.

Does Akira Takano have a romantic interest in School Rumble?

Akira Takano’s romantic interests are not prominently shown in the series. However, she is known for her close friendship with Tenma Tsukamoto, and some fans speculate about a possible romantic relationship between them. The series focuses primarily on comedic situations rather than romantic relationships involving Akira.