Kenji Harima

Original Name 播磨 拳児
Romaji Name Harima Kenji
Nicknames Hige, Harima Hario, Kappa, God, Whiskers, Beardy
Series School Rumble
Age N/A
Weight N/A
Height 180 cm (5’11”)
Date of Birth December 1
Blood Type O


Kenji Harima, the male protagonist of the anime and manga series “School Rumble”, has a complex and multifaceted personality. He is initially portrayed as an ex-delinquent, stubborn and paranoid, but underneath his tough exterior is a sensitive and caring individual. Despite his intimidating appearance, Kenji has a gentle heart and displays unwavering loyalty to his friends.
One of Kenji’s defining characteristics is his deep love for Tenma Tsukamoto, the series’ female lead. However, he struggles to confess his feelings to her due to various comical and unfortunate circumstances that constantly hinder his attempts. Despite knowing that Tenma does not reciprocate his affection, Kenji remains determined and resilient, refusing to give up on his love.

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Kenji Harima’s background is rooted in his criminal past, which serves as the basis for his transformation throughout the series. Before the story begins, Kenji was known for his rebellious and aggressive behavior. However, as the series progresses, it becomes clear that Kenji has changed and is actively trying to distance himself from his delinquent persona.
In addition to his delinquent background, Kenji also has a younger brother named Shuuji who shares his love for Yakumo Tsukamoto, Tenma’s sister. This dynamic adds an extra layer of complexity to Kenji’s character, as he must navigate his own romantic feelings while supporting his brother’s pursuit of love.


Kenji Harima is depicted as a tall and rugged individual, standing at a height of 180 cm (5’11”). He has a muscular build and often sports a disheveled, unkempt hairstyle. Kenji’s appearance, with his pierced ears and intimidating aura, contributes to his initial portrayal as a delinquent.
Throughout the series, Kenji’s appearance undergoes subtle changes as he gradually sheds his delinquent image. His transformation is not limited to his physical appearance, but also reflects his personal growth and development as a character.


Although Kenji Harima has no specific martial arts training, he has demonstrated remarkable hand-to-hand combat skills. Few people can match him in close combat, demonstrating his natural talent and physical prowess. In addition, Kenji has the unique ability to communicate with animals, adding a touch of whimsy to his character.


Kenji Harima comes from the anime and manga series “School Rumble”, created by Jin Kobayashi. The series follows the lives of a diverse group of high school students, including Kenji, as they navigate the ups and downs of adolescence and love. Kenji’s character arc revolves around his unrequited love for Tenma Tsukamoto and his journey of self-discovery and personal growth.
Throughout the series, Kenji’s character is portrayed with depth and complexity, showing his struggles, aspirations, and the comedic situations he finds himself in. His interactions with other characters, especially Tenma and Eri Sawachika, contribute to the development of intricate relationships and the overall charm of “School Rumble”.

Kenji Harima – FAQ

Who is Kenji Harima in “School Rumble”?

Kenji Harima is a fictional character from the manga and anime series “School Rumble”. He is one of the main characters and is known for his tough appearance, delinquent behavior, and hidden artistic talent.

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What are some notable characteristics of Kenji Harima?

Kenji Harima is often seen wearing a black leather jacket, has a shaved head with a blond mohawk, and a scar across his nose. He is known for his hot temper, his willingness to get into fights, and his tough-guy image. However, he is also a talented artist and has a soft side when it comes to his love interest, Tenma Tsukamoto.

What is the relationship between Kenji Harima and Tenma Tsukamoto?

Kenji Harima has a complex relationship with Tenma Tsukamoto, who is one of the main female characters in “School Rumble”. He develops a crush on Tenma early in the series and often goes to great lengths to impress her, although his attempts usually end in comedic disaster. Despite their initial misunderstandings and comedic situations, Kenji and Tenma share a deep connection and develop a close bond throughout the series.

Does Kenji Harima have any love rivals?

Yes, Kenji Harima has several rivals in love. One of his main rivals is Oji Karasuma, another male character who is also interested in Tenma Tsukamoto. Their rivalry for Tenma’s affections leads to various comedic and dramatic situations throughout the series. In addition, there are other characters who develop feelings for either Kenji or Tenma, further complicating their love triangle.

Does Kenji Harima have close friends?

Yes, Kenji Harima has a few close friends in “School Rumble”. One of his closest friends is Itoko Osakabe, who is also his homeroom teacher. Itoko is aware of Kenji’s artistic talent and often encourages him to pursue his dreams. Another close friend is Eri Sawachika, a wealthy and popular girl at school who initially dislikes Kenji but later becomes a confidant and supporter.

Does Kenji Harima ever show his artistic talent?

Yes, Kenji Harima eventually reveals his artistic talent to others. At first, he keeps his talent a secret because of his tough-guy image and his fear of being judged. However, as the series progresses, he becomes more confident in his abilities and begins to show off his artwork. His artistic talent plays an important role in his character development and contributes to the overall plot of School Rumble.