Rei Yokoe

Original Name: 横江 礼
Romaji Name: Yokoe Rei
Series: School Zone
Age: 16
Height: 171 cm
Date of Birth: November 10
Blood Type: O


Rei Yokoe is a tall and beautiful girl, but she is also extremely unintelligent. Her lack of intelligence is so profound that she scored a perfect zero on a test. Despite her academic shortcomings, she is very close friends with Kei and has had a crush on her since middle school. Rei constantly teases Kei as a way of expressing her pent-up feelings.


Rei has been friends with Kei since middle school, and their close relationship has continued into high school. She attends Nishitaga High School, where she is a member of Class 2A.

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Rei has long, black hair that falls to her mid-back, and she has deep blue eyes with visible lashes. She is described as tall and beautiful.


Rei’s most notable ability, or lack thereof, is her extreme academic deficiency. She scored a perfect zero on a test, demonstrating her incredible lack of intelligence.


Rei Yokoe is a character from the Yuri manga series “School Zone”. She is one of the main characters and plays a central role in the story.

Rei Yokoe – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Rei Yokoe from “School Zone”:

Who is Rei Yokoe?

Rei Yokoe is one of the main characters of the anime series “School Zone”. She is a high school student and the president of the student council at Sakurada Academy.

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What is Rei Yokoe’s personality like?

Rei is portrayed as a strict, no-nonsense type of person. She is highly intelligent, responsible, and dedicated to her duties as student council president. However, she also has a softer side and cares deeply for her friends and classmates, even if she doesn’t always show it.

What is Rei Yokoe’s role in the story of “School Zone”?

As the student council president, Rei plays a central role in the daily life and activities of the school. She is often called upon to resolve conflicts, organize events, and maintain order. Her strong leadership and problem-solving skills are crucial to the smooth running of Sakurada Academy.

Does Rei Yokoe have any special skills or abilities?

In addition to her exceptional intelligence and organizational skills, Rei is also an accomplished martial artist. She is able to defend herself and others when necessary, adding an extra layer of depth to her character.

Does Rei Yokoe have a romantic relationship in the series?

While Rei’s romantic life is not a major focus of the series, there are hints that she may have feelings for one of her fellow student council members, Haruki Banba. However, their relationship is kept mostly platonic throughout the series.

How does Rei Yokoe develop or change over the course of the series?

Over the course of “School Zone”, Rei’s strict and serious demeanor gradually softens as she spends more time with her friends and classmates. She learns to be more open and expressive, while still maintaining her strong sense of responsibility and leadership.