Katia Waldheim

Name (Japanese): カティア・ヴァルトハイム
Name (Romaji): Katia Waldheim
Nicknames: Ursula Strachwitz
Series: Schwarzesmarken
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown

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Katia Waldheim is a determined and ambitious young woman. She dreams of reuniting Germany so that both West and East Germans can focus on their common enemy, the BETA. Katia is bold and willing to defy authority to achieve her goals. She uses her status as the daughter of a war hero to ally with resistance groups and the military to overthrow the oppressive Stasi regime in East Germany.

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Katia’s real name is Ursula Strachwitz, the daughter of Alfred Strachwitz, a respected war hero of the East German National People’s Army who was executed after a failed coup against the East German government. As a child, Ursula was smuggled out of East Germany by her father to protect her. She later becomes a TSF pilot in the West German army.


Katia has long, orange hair and brown eyes. She wears the standard West German military uniform as a TSF pilot.


Katia is a talented TSF pilot despite her relative inexperience. She has natural talent and instincts that allow her to excel in combat against the BETA.


Katia is originally from East Germany, but was smuggled to West Germany by her father as a child. After defecting to East Germany and joining the 666th Squadron, she uses her status to work with resistance groups to overthrow the Stasi regime and reunify Germany.

Katia Waldheim – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Katia Waldheim from “Schwarzesmarken”:

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Who is Katia Waldheim?

Katia Waldheim is the main protagonist of the anime and light novel series “Schwarzesmarken”. She is an officer in the East German People’s Army and part of a special unit called the 666th TSF Wing, also known as “Schwarzesmarken”.

What is Katia’s role in the story?

Katia is the squad leader of the 666th TSF Wing, a highly skilled and experienced TSF (Tactical Surface Fighter) pilot. She leads her unit against the mysterious alien BETA threat that has invaded Eastern Europe. Katia is known for her tactical skills and her unwavering determination to defend her country and her comrades.

What are Katia’s main character traits?

Katia is portrayed as a strong-willed, no-nonsense officer who is deeply committed to her duties and the protection of her homeland. She is highly disciplined, intelligent, and skilled in combat. However, Katia also has a more vulnerable side as she struggles with the moral dilemmas and heavy toll of the war against the BETA.

How does Katia’s past influence her character?

Katia’s backstory is an important aspect of her character development. She comes from a military family and has experienced the hardships of the ongoing war from a young age. This has shaped her into a hardened and pragmatic soldier, but also someone deeply affected by the tragedies of the conflict.

What is Katia’s relationship to the other members of the 666th TSF Wing?

Katia has a complex and nuanced relationship with the other members of her unit. She is a strict and demanding commander, but she also cares deeply for her subordinates. She forms particularly strong bonds with some of her squadmates, such as Theodor Eberbach and Irisdina Bernhard, as they face the challenges of war together.

How does Katia’s character develop throughout the story?

Throughout the series, Katia’s character undergoes significant development. She is initially portrayed as a hardened and pragmatic soldier, but as the story progresses, she is forced to confront the moral complexities of the war and her own role in it. This leads to a deeper understanding of herself and the sacrifices she must make to protect her country and her comrades.