Original Name (Japanese): フューレ
Romaji Name: Fyūre
Nicknames: Furet
Series: Scrapped Princess
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Fulle is described as a youthful landlord and former member of the army. He has a serious and reserved demeanor, but also shows a compassionate side, as evidenced by his decision to take in the amnesiac Pacifica. Despite his gruff exterior, he forms a bond with Pacifica, even nicknaming her “Pamela” after his late pet cat. Fulle demonstrates bravery and self-sacrifice, ultimately wounding himself to hold off the soldiers and allow Pacifica and Leopold to escape.


Fulle’s background is not detailed, but it is mentioned that he was a former member of the army. He encountered the amnesiac Pacifica after the Skid she was traveling in crashed, and reluctantly took her under his care despite the danger she posed to him.

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Fulle is described as having a youthful appearance. He uses two knives as his weapon of choice. Interestingly, Fulle bears a strong resemblance to another character, Shannon Casull, which may have been one of the reasons Pacifica was initially drawn to him.


As a former member of the army, Fulle is skilled in combat and uses his dual knives effectively. He demonstrates his fighting skills when he sacrifices himself to stop the soldiers pursuing Pacifica and Leopold, allowing them to escape.


Fulle is a character from the anime and light novel series “Scrapped Princess”. He plays a supporting role, acting as a protector and guide for the main protagonist, Pacifica, during her journey.

Fulle – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Fulle from “Scrapped Princess”:

Who is Fulle?

Fulle is one of the main characters in the anime/manga series “Scrapped Princess”. He is a young man with long, silver hair who serves as the guardian and protector of the main protagonist, Pacifica Casull, known as “Scrapped Princess”.

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What is Fulle’s role in the story?

Fulle’s primary role is to guide and protect Pacifica, who is destined to bring about the destruction of the world. He accompanies her on her journey, using his skills and powers to defend her from those who would destroy her.

What are Fulle’s abilities?

Fulle has extraordinary abilities, including enhanced strength, speed, and reflexes. He is a skilled fighter and can use a variety of weapons. Fulle also has the ability to sense and manipulate the flow of energy, which he uses to protect Pacifica and overcome the challenges it faces.

What is Fulle’s backstory?

Fulle’s backstory is not fully revealed in the series, but it is known that he has a long history as a guardian of the Scrapped Princess lineage. He is deeply committed to his duty and has a strong sense of loyalty to Pacifica and her family.

How does Fulle’s relationship with Pacifica develop?

Over the course of the story, Fulle’s relationship with Pacifica evolves from that of protector and guardian to a more complex and nuanced bond. They develop a deep trust and understanding, and Fulle becomes a trusted confidant and ally to Pacifica as she faces the challenges of her destiny.

What is Fulle’s significance in the overall narrative?

Fulle is a pivotal character in The Scrapped Princess, as his actions and decisions have a significant impact on the events that unfold. He serves as a counterpoint to the forces that seek to destroy Pacifica, and his role in guiding and protecting her is integral to the story’s exploration of themes of fate, destiny, and the power of choice.