Jinyeong Choi

Original Name (Japanese): 최 진영 (Choi Jin-yeong)
Romaji Name: Choi Jinyeong
Nicknames: None
Series: Seasons of Blossom
Age: 18
Weight: Unknown
Height: 5’5″ (167 cm)
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Jinyeong Choi is a complex and multifaceted character in the webtoon “Seasons of Blossom”. He is described as a quiet and somewhat aloof individual who is often perceived as rude due to his straightforwardness. However, underneath this exterior, Jinyeong is a caring and loyal friend, especially to his younger siblings. He maintains a strong academic record and enjoys playing various games that showcase his intellectual abilities.


Jinyeong Choi is a sophomore at Cheongseom High School and the boyfriend of the main character, Bomi Yun. He comes from a middle-class family with a younger sister named Jina Choi (8 years old) and a younger brother (10 years old). Jinyeong’s family dynamics and relationships are not extensively explored in the available information.

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Physically, Jinyeong is noted to be the shortest member of the group, standing at 5’5″ (167 cm). He has black hair and blue eyes, which is a somewhat unusual trait in the show. Jinyeong’s overall appearance is described as neat and well-groomed, reflecting his calm and mature demeanor.


Jinyeong’s main abilities seem to revolve around his academic performance and gaming skills. He is described as maintaining an upper-middle-class academic standing, suggesting that he is a diligent and intelligent student. In addition, Jinyeong enjoys playing various games and is skilled at them, which likely contributes to his popularity among his peers.


Jinyeong Choi is a character created for the webtoon “Seasons of Blossom”, a Korean romantic drama series. He is one of the main characters during the spring arc and a supporting character during the summer and fall arcs. The webtoon was created by Jinyoung and serialized on the Naver webtoon platform.

Jinyeong Choi – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Jinyeong Choi from “Seasons of Blossom”:

Who is Jinyeong Choi?

Jinyeong Choi is one of the main characters in the K-drama “Seasons of Blossom”. He is a talented young chef who works at a high-end restaurant in Seoul. Jinyeong is known for his dedication to his craft and his ability to create innovative and delicious dishes.

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What is Jinyeong’s role in the story?

Jinyeong plays an important role in the story of Seasons of Blossom. He is the love interest of the female protagonist, Hana, and their relationship is a central focus of the drama. Jinyeong’s passion for cooking and his dedication to his work also drive important plot points throughout the series.

What is Jinyeong’s background?

Jinyeong comes from a wealthy family, but he has always been more interested in pursuing his culinary dreams than in the family business. He studied at a prestigious culinary school and worked his way up to become one of the top chefs in Seoul. Despite his success, Jinyeong remains humble and dedicated to his craft.

What are Jinyeong’s personality traits?

Jinyeong is portrayed as a serious and focused individual, but he also has a softer, more romantic side that comes through in his relationship with Hana. He is highly disciplined and driven, but he also has a playful and charming side that endears him to those around him.

How will Jinyeong’s relationship with Hana develop?

Jinyeong and Hana’s relationship begins as a professional one, as Hana is a food critic who reviews Jinyeong’s restaurant. However, as they spend more time together, they begin to develop feelings for each other. Their romance is a central focus of the drama, and their journey is filled with both ups and downs as they navigate the challenges of their relationship.

What is Jinyeong’s role in the overall plot of “Seasons of Blossom”?

Jinyeong’s role in the overall plot of Seasons of Blossom is significant. As one of the main characters, his actions and decisions have a direct impact on the events that unfold throughout the series. His relationship with Hana, his dedication to his work, and his interactions with the other characters all play a crucial role in moving the story forward.