Hikari Tsuneki

Original Name (Japanese): 常木 耀
Romanized Name: Tsuneki Hikari
Nicknames: Class Idol
Series: Seiren
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: November 30
Blood Type: O
Likes: Eating
Dislikes: Cigarette smoke


Hikari Tsuneki has been described as a “modern meddling princess”. She is always happy and is the class idol of class 2-B at Teruhi Higashi High School. She loves to eat and can sometimes be stubborn. Hikari was the runner-up in last year’s “Miss Santa Contest” and has an exclusive seat on the terrace.


Hikari Tsuneki is a main character in the anime series Seiren. She attends Teruhi Higashi High School and is in class 2-B, where she is the class idol. Not much is known about her background.

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Hikari has long, dark brown hair that she wears in two tails. She has bright blue eyes and a cheerful disposition. She is often depicted wearing the standard female school uniform of Teruhi Higashi High School.


No special abilities are mentioned for Hikari Tsuneki. She seems to be a popular student at her school, as she was the runner-up in the “Miss Santa Contest” the previous year.


Hikari Tsuneki is a character created for the anime series Seiren. She does not appear to be based on any pre-existing source material.

Hikari Tsuneki – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Hikari Tsuneki from “Seiren”:

Who is Hikari Tsuneki?

Hikari Tsuneki is one of the main characters in the anime series “Seiren”. She is a freshman at the same high school as the other main characters. Hikari is known for her kind and caring personality as well as her skills in cooking and baking.

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What is Hikari’s relationship to the other characters?

Hikari is close friends with the other main female characters, Ako Shiraki and Kyouko Touno. She is also good friends with the male protagonist, Shouichi Kamita. Over the course of the series, Hikari develops romantic feelings for Shouichi, although the nature of their relationship is left ambiguous.

What is Hikari’s role in the story?

Hikari serves as a supporting character, offering encouragement and advice to the other characters. She often acts as a mediator and peacemaker within the group. Hikari’s cooking and baking skills also play an important role, as she often shares her homemade treats with her friends.

What are Hikari’s hobbies and interests?

Hikari’s main hobbies and interests include cooking, baking, and taking care of her pet cat. She is also an avid reader and enjoys spending time with her friends. Hikari is portrayed as a hardworking student who balances her studies with her various activities.

What is Hikari’s personality like?

Hikari is described as a gentle, kind, and caring person. She is often the peacemaker of the group and is always there to support her friends. Hikari is also quite shy and reserved at times, but becomes more confident as the series progresses.

How does Hikari’s arc develop over the course of the series?

While Hikari’s role is largely supportive, her own personal growth and development is an important aspect of the series. She struggles with her feelings for Shouichi and her own insecurities, but ultimately learns to be more confident in herself and her relationships with her friends.