Genjuurou Kazanari

Original Name: 風鳴 弦十郎
Romaji Name: Kazanari Genjūrō
Nicknames: None
Series: Senki Zesshou Symphogear
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Genjuurou Kazanari is portrayed as a strict and disciplined leader, but he also has a soft spot for action movies and good food. He cares deeply for his niece Tsubasa and takes on the role of mentor to Hibiki, training her in the martial arts. Despite his gruff exterior, Genjuurou is driven by a desire to protect and save those under his care, especially Chris, whom he feels responsible for after the death of her parents.


Genjuurou is the leader of the 2nd Division Mobile Disaster Response Corps and the uncle of Tsubasa Kazanari. He gained custody of Chris after her parents died, but she ran away, prompting Genjuurou to vow to save her from her past mistakes. Genjuurou’s strong sense of duty and responsibility shapes his actions throughout the Symphogear series.

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Genjuurou is a tall, muscular man with golden eyes. He has short, dark hair and a stern expression that belies his underlying compassion. His attire usually consists of a formal suit, reflecting his position of authority, though he is occasionally seen in more casual attire when off duty.


Genjuurou’s physical strength is formidable, as he is able to fend off attacks from Tsubasa’s symphogear and her armor without assistance. He is a skilled martial artist, which he imparts to Hibiki during her training under his tutelage. Genjuurou’s leadership skills and strategic mind also play a crucial role in the operations of the 2nd Division Mobile Disaster Response Corps.


Genjuurou Kazanari is a central character in the Senki Zesshou Symphogear series, first introduced in the original Symphogear anime. He serves as a mentor and father figure to the main characters, guiding them through the challenges they face while dealing with his own complicated past and responsibilities.

Genjuurou Kazanari – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Genjuurou Kazanari from “Senki Zesshou Symphogear”:

Who is Genjuurou Kazanari?

Genjuurou Kazanari is a main character in the anime series “Senki Zesshou Symphogear”. He is the head of the Kazanari family, a powerful conglomerate that is secretly involved in the fight against the threats to humanity known as the Noise. Genjuurou serves as the tactical and strategic leader of the Symphogear wielders, coordinating their actions and providing them with support.

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What is Genjuurou’s role in the story of Symphogear?

Genjuurou is a central figure in the Symphogear story, acting as a commander and handler for the Symphogear wielders. He provides them with the Symphogear Relics, trains them, and coordinates their battles against the Noise and other threats. Genjuurou is also deeply connected to the history of the Kazanari family and their ongoing conflict with the antagonists, making him a key player in the overarching narrative.

What are Genjuurou’s skills and abilities?

Genjuurou is a highly skilled and experienced military leader. He has extensive knowledge of the Symphogear system, the Noise, and the various threats humanity faces. Genjuurou is also a skilled martial artist and strategist, able to coordinate complex operations and react quickly to rapidly changing situations. Though he does not directly wield a Symphogear himself, Genjuurou plays a crucial role in supporting and guiding the Symphogear wielders.

How does Genjuurou interact with the other Symphogear characters?

Genjuurou has a complex and multifaceted relationship with the other main characters in Symphogear. He maintains a professional and authoritative demeanor as the leader of the Symphogear team, but also cares deeply for their well-being. Genjuurou has a special soft spot for his niece, Hibiki Tachibana, and acts as a mentor and father figure to her. He also has a long-standing rivalry and conflict with the antagonist Ryoko Sakurai, who was once a member of the Kazanari family.

What is Genjuurou’s backstory and connection to the Kazanari family?

Genjuurou’s backstory is deeply intertwined with the history of the Kazanari family and their role in the ongoing battle against the Noise. As the head of the Kazanari Clan, Genjuurou has inherited a great responsibility and a complex legacy. His actions and decisions are often influenced by his family’s past, as well as his desire to protect the world and the Symphogear wielders under his command.

How does Genjuurou’s character develop over the course of the Symphogear series?

Over the course of the Symphogear anime, Genjuurou’s character undergoes significant development and growth. Starting out as a stern, no-nonsense military commander, he gradually becomes more emotionally invested in the Symphogear wielders and their struggles. Genjuurou is forced to confront his own biases and prejudices, leading him to become a more nuanced and complex character. In particular, his relationship with Hibiki becomes an important part of his character arc as he learns to embrace his role as a mentor and father figure.