Sono Hanasaki

Original Name (Japanese) 花崎 園
Romaji Name Hanasaki Sono
Nicknames Sono-san
Series Sensitive Pornograph
Age 32
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


Sono Hanasaki is a successful manga artist who writes erotic manga for a male audience. Despite his feminine appearance and personality, he is actually a 32-year-old man. He is a fan of protagonist Seiji Yamada’s work, and the two eventually become lovers. Hanasaki is described as having a cute and charming demeanor, which helps him maintain his popularity among his fans, most of whom believe he is a woman.


Sono Hanasaki is the creator of the popular erotic manga series “Sensitive Pornograph”. He is highly respected in the manga industry, even among his fellow artists. However, his fans and even some of his colleagues are unaware that he is actually a man, as his appearance and mannerisms are quite feminine.

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Hanasaki has a slender, delicate build and a youthful, androgynous appearance. He has long, dirty blond hair and crimson brown eyes. Although he is 32 years old, he looks much younger, which contributes to the misconception that he is a woman.


As a successful manga artist, Hanasaki demonstrates a high level of skill in creating engaging and visually appealing erotic manga. His work is highly sought after by his target audience, demonstrating his ability to captivate readers with his storytelling and artistic talents.


Sono Hanasaki is a character from the yaoi manga series “Sensitive Pornograph”, written and illustrated by Ashika Sakura. The manga and its anime adaptation explore the romantic relationship that develops between Hanasaki and the protagonist, Seiji Yamada.

Sono Hanasaki – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Sono Hanasaki from “Sensitive Pornograph”:

Who is Sono Hanasaki?

Sono Hanasaki is the main character of the yaoi manga series “Sensitive Pornograph”. He is a shy and introverted university student who lives alone and works part-time at a bookstore. Despite his reserved nature, he becomes involved in a passionate relationship with his former high school classmate, Emi Sendoh.

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What is Sono Hanasaki’s personality like?

Sono is portrayed as a quiet and reserved young man who is uncomfortable with physical intimacy and romantic relationships. However, he gradually opens up and becomes more confident and expressive over the course of the series as he explores his relationship with Emi. He is also shown to be deeply caring and loyal to those close to him.

How does Sono’s relationship with Emi Sendoh develop?

Sono and Emi were classmates in high school, but lost touch after graduation. They reconnect years later when Emi, now a successful novelist, becomes a regular customer at Sono’s bookstore. Despite Sono’s initial reluctance, the two gradually grow closer and develop a passionate, intimate relationship, exploring their desires and vulnerabilities together.

What does the title “Sensitive Pornograph” mean?

The title “Sensitive Pornograph” refers to the series’ exploration of the deeply personal and emotional aspects of Sono and Emi’s intimate relationship, rather than simply depicting explicit sexual content. The “pornographic” aspect reflects the erotic nature of their relationship, while the “sensitive” part emphasizes the deep emotional intimacy they share.

How does the manga deal with issues of sexuality and identity?

“Sensitive Pornograph” delves into themes of sexual identity, self-discovery, and the complexities of queer relationships. Through Sono and Emi’s journey, the series examines societal attitudes towards non-heteronormative sexualities and the personal struggles individuals may face in embracing their true selves.

What is the overall critical reception of “Sensitive Pornograph”?

The series has been praised by critics and fans alike for its nuanced portrayal of a same-sex relationship, its exploration of complex emotional themes, and its beautiful, evocative art style. “Sensitive Pornograph” is considered a landmark work in the yaoi genre, known for its depth, sensitivity, and artistic merit.