Chisa Yomoda

Original Name (Japanese) 橫田千紗
Romaji Name Yomoda Chisa
Nicknames N/A
Series Miss Monochrome
Age 18
Weight 48 kg
Height 158 cm
Date of Birth 1996-04-05
Blood Type B


Chisa Yomoda is portrayed as a socially withdrawn and introverted girl who struggles to connect with her peers. She is described as having “poor social skills” and prefers to isolate herself. Despite her inner turmoil, she maintains a quiet and reserved demeanor, only occasionally expressing frustration or distress. Chisa’s decision to commit suicide suggests a deep sense of hopelessness and a belief that her existence in the physical world no longer holds meaning.


Chisa Yomoda is a classmate of the protagonist Lain in the anime series “Serial Experiments Lain”. She is introduced at the beginning of the story when she commits suicide, triggering Lain’s involvement with the mysterious “Wired” network. Chisa’s background and personal life are not extensively explored, but her suicide suggests that she was dealing with emotional and psychological challenges that led her to take her own life.

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Chisa Yomoda is depicted as a young, petite girl with short, dark hair and a reserved, almost somber expression. Her physical appearance is in keeping with the overall aesthetic of the series, which is characterized by a subdued and melancholy tone.


Chisa Yomoda has no extraordinary abilities. Her primary role in the story is to serve as the catalyst for Lain’s journey, introducing her to the Wired and setting in motion the events that unfold throughout the series.


Chisa Yomoda is a fictional character created for the anime series “Serial Experiments Lain”. She plays a significant, albeit brief, role in the overall narrative, as her suicide and subsequent communication with Lain from within the Wired are central to the story’s exploration of themes such as identity, technology, and the nature of reality.

Chisa Yomoda – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Chisa Yomoda from “Serial Experiments Lain”:

Who is Chisa Yomoda?

Chisa Yomoda is a main character in the anime series “Serial Experiments Lain”. She is a classmate and friend of the main character, Lain Iwakura. Chisa is portrayed as a kind, cheerful, and outgoing girl, in contrast to Lain’s more withdrawn and introverted personality.

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What is Chisa’s role in the story?

Chisa plays an important role in the early episodes of “Serial Experiments Lain”. She is one of the first people to notice Lain’s strange behavior and tries to reach out to her. Chisa’s death midway through the series also serves as a catalyst for Lain’s journey of self-discovery and exploration of the Wired (the show’s version of the Internet).

How does Chisa die?

Chisa commits suicide by jumping off the roof of her school, an event that deeply affects Lain and the other characters. The reasons for Chisa’s suicide are left somewhat ambiguous, though it is hinted that she may have been struggling with feelings of isolation and disconnection from the people around her.

What is the meaning of Chisa’s character?

Chisa’s character represents the contrast between the “real” physical world and the “virtual” world of the Wired. Her death highlights the show’s themes of technology, identity, and the blurring of the line between the physical and the digital. Chisa’s relationship with Lain also serves as a way to explore Lain’s own social isolation and growing detachment from the people around her.

How does Lain react to Chisa’s death?

Lain is deeply affected by Chisa’s suicide, which causes her to become more withdrawn and focused on exploring the Wired. Lain begins to question the nature of reality and her own identity as she tries to understand what happened to Chisa and why. Chisa’s death also marks a turning point in Lain’s journey of self-discovery throughout the series.

Is Chisa’s character based on any real-life influences?

While there is no direct real-life inspiration for Chisa’s character, some have speculated that she may be loosely based on the concept of the “perfect girl” or “ideal student” that is often idealized in Japanese culture. Chisa’s cheerful demeanor and popularity among her peers may also reflect common tropes in anime and manga.