Masami Eiri

Original Name (Japanese): 英利 政美
Romanized Name: Eiri Masami
Nicknames: “God”
Series: Serial Experiments Lain
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Masami Eiri is portrayed as a complex and enigmatic character. He considers himself a “god” and believes that the only way for humanity to evolve is to transcend its physical limitations and exist as digital entities. He is driven by a desire for control and power, and is willing to manipulate and deceive others to achieve his goals.


Eiri was the primary designer of Protocol 7, which was being developed at Tachibana Labs. While working there, he illegally included code that allowed him to control the entire protocol at will, embedding his own consciousness within it. This led to his dismissal from the company, and he was later found dead on a railroad track.

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Eiri has a youthful appearance, with shoulder-length dark hair and a calm, collected demeanor. He wears a white suit, which adds to his air of authority and superiority.


Eiri’s primary abilities lie in his expertise in computer programming and his manipulation of the Wired (the Internet in the world of Serial Experiments Lain). He is able to interface with and control the Wired, which he uses to further his own agenda.


Eiri’s origin and the full extent of his involvement in the events of Serial Experiments Lain are shrouded in mystery. His role as the designer of Protocol 7 and his efforts to transcend the physical world suggest a deep fascination with technology and the digital realm.

Masami Eiri – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Masami Eiri from “Serial Experiments Lain”:

Who is Masami Eiri?

Masami Eiri is a main character in the anime series “Serial Experiments Lain”. He is a computer scientist who was involved in the development of the Wired, a worldwide computer network that has become a parallel reality for humans. Eiri plays a pivotal role in the series, as his actions and beliefs drive much of the plot.

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What is Eiri’s background?

Eiri was a brilliant computer scientist working for the Tachibana Corporation. He was deeply fascinated by the concept of the Wired and believed that it could be used to transcend the physical world and achieve a higher state of being. Eiri’s obsession with this idea led him to make some morally questionable decisions that had major consequences for the characters in the series.

What is Eiri’s relationship with Lain?

Eiri sees Lain, the main protagonist of the series, as a key figure in his plans to reshape the Wired and humanity’s existence. He manipulates Lain and tries to get her to embrace the Wired and reject the physical world. Eiri sees Lain as a potential vessel for his own consciousness and a way for him to achieve a form of immortality.

What are Eiri’s motivations and beliefs?

Eiri is driven by a desire to transcend the physical world and achieve a higher state of existence. He believes that the Wired can be used to free humanity from the limitations of the physical body and consciousness. Eiri is also deeply influenced by philosophical ideas about the nature of reality and the self, which shape his actions and beliefs.

How does Eiri’s role evolve throughout the series?

Eiri’s role in the series becomes more complex and ambiguous as the story progresses. He begins as a seemingly benevolent figure guiding Lain, but his true motives and the extent of his manipulation are gradually revealed. Eiri becomes a central antagonist, but his character also raises questions about the nature of reality and the self that are central to the show’s themes.

What is the significance of Eiri in the overall themes of “Serial Experiments Lain”?

Eiri’s character is crucial to the show’s exploration of themes such as the nature of reality, the self, and the impact of technology on human consciousness. His beliefs and actions drive much of the series’ plot and raise profound questions about the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds, and the implications of crossing those boundaries. Eiri’s character is a complex and multifaceted representation of the series’ broader philosophical and existential concerns.