Elle Ragu

Original Name: エレ・ラグ
Romaji Name: Ere Ragu
Nicknames: “Shadow Skill”
Series: Shadow Skill
Age: Approximately 16-20 years old
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Elle Ragu is a determined and skilled warrior who takes her duties as the 59th Sevalle of Kuruda very seriously. She is protective of her adopted younger brother, Gau, and cares deeply for the people of Kuruda. While confident in her abilities, Elle maintains a calm and measured demeanor, only losing her cool when her loved ones are threatened.


Elle Ragu was awarded the prestigious title of Sevalle, the highest rank of warrior in Kuruda, at the tender age of 14. This makes her the youngest female Sevalle in the history of the kingdom. Elle’s fighting style is known as “Shadow Skill”, a martial art that emphasizes kicks and footwork over upper body strikes.

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Elle has a slender but muscular build, reflecting her mastery of the Shadow Skill fighting style. Her hair color is somewhat ambiguous, ranging from bright red to strawberry blonde, depending on the adaptation. Elle typically wears a dark blue sleeveless top and shorts, along with knee-high boots that allow her maximum mobility in combat.


As a Sevalle, Elle possesses superhuman physical abilities, including extraordinary strength, speed, and endurance. She is an expert in the Kuruda Ryu Kosappo martial arts, with a particular mastery of the “Shadow Skill” techniques, which focus on kicking and footwork. Elle’s fighting skills are further enhanced by her keen intellect and strategic mind.


The Shadow Skill fighting style evolved centuries ago from the fighting skills of slaves forced to fight in gladiatorial arenas. While the male gladiators focused on upper-body strength, the women were forced to rely on their legs and smaller stature, resulting in the powerful “Shadow Skill” techniques. Elle Ragu is the current master of this ancient and respected martial art.

Elle Ragu – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Elle Ragu from “Shadow Skill: Eigi”:

Who is Elle Ragu?

Elle Ragu is the main character of the “Shadow Skill: Eigi” manga series. She is a skilled martial artist and assassin who has been trained in the Shadow Skill technique. Elle is known for her cold and stoic demeanor as well as her exceptional fighting skills.

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What is the Shadow Skill?

The Shadow Skill is a secret martial arts technique passed down through generations of assassins. It allows the user to move with incredible speed and precision, making them extremely difficult to detect or defend against. Elle is one of the few people trained in this deadly technique.

What is Elle’s role in the “Shadow Skill: Eigi” story?

As the main protagonist, Elle is at the center of the “Shadow Skill: Eigi” story. She is hired to carry out various assassination missions, but her sense of justice often leads her to protect innocent people instead of completing her assigned tasks. This puts her at odds with her employers and other skilled assassins.

What are Elle’s skills and fighting style?

Elle is an expert in the Shadow Skill technique, which allows her to move with superhuman speed and agility. She is also highly skilled in a variety of martial arts, including melee combat, weaponry, and stealth. Elle’s fighting style is characterized by lightning reflexes, precise strikes, and the ability to anticipate her opponent’s moves.

How does Elle’s personality and background influence her actions?

Despite her cold and stoic demeanor, Elle has a strong sense of justice and a desire to protect the innocent. This often puts her at odds with her employers, who seek to eliminate their targets without regard for collateral damage. Elle’s background as a trained assassin also contributes to her cynical and suspicious nature, making it difficult for her to form close relationships with others.

What is Elle’s relationship to the other characters in the show?

Elle’s relationships with other characters in the Shadow Skill: Eigi” series are complex and often strained. She has a contentious relationship with her employers, who see her as a valuable asset but are frustrated by her refusal to follow orders. Elle also has an uneasy alliance with a fellow assassin named Gau, who is both her rival and occasional ally. Despite her aloof nature, Elle cares deeply for a young boy named Kurokawa, whom she has taken under her wing.