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Shiguang Dailiren

Guang Lu

Original Name 陸 光 Romaji Name Guang Lu Nicknames Shiguang Dailiren Series Shiguang Dailiren Age Unknown Weight 70 kg Height 175 cm Date of Birth Unknown Blood Type Unknown Guang Lu of Shiguang Dailiren: A closer look at the mysterious character Personality Guang Lu, also known as Shiguang Dailiren, is a character with a calm, […]

Xiaoshi Cheng

Original Name 鄭小時 Romaji Name Cheng Xiaoshi Nicknames Little Cheng, Xiaoshi Series Xiaoshi Zhan Ji Age 23 Weight 60 kg Height 170 cm Date of Birth July 15, 2001 Blood Type O Xiaoshi Cheng from Shiguang Dailiren Personality Xiaoshi Cheng, the main character in the anime series “Shiguang Dailiren”, is a young man with a […]