Ling Qiao

Original Name 乔 苓
Romaji Name Ling Qiao
Series Shiguang Dailiren
Age 22
Weight 50 kg
Height 160 cm
Date of Birth
Blood Type O
Skills Accounting, Musical Instruments
Dislikes Mess
Likes Running, Music, Painting, Gossiping, Money, Swimming, Movies


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The mysterious character from “Shiguang Dailiren”.


Ling Qiao, a character from the anime series “Shiguang Dailiren,” is portrayed as a lively and outspoken individual who is not afraid to express her thoughts and feelings. She has a no-nonsense attitude and rarely hesitates to speak her mind. Ling Qiao is known for her strong-willed nature and refuses to tolerate any form of disrespect or mistreatment. Despite her assertiveness, she also shows a caring side towards her friends, especially Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang.


Ling Qiao is the current landlord of the Time Photography Studio and has a close relationship with Cheng Xiaoshi, with whom she grew up. Acting as a middleman, Ling Qiao takes on various jobs for Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang. While her past remains somewhat mysterious, her involvement in the lives of the main characters suggests a deep connection and history with them.


Standing 160cm tall and weighing 50kg, Ling Qiao has a slender physique. Her appearance is characterized by her distinctive short, dark hair and captivating eyes. Ling Qiao’s design reflects her energetic and determined personality, complemented by her stylish and fashionable clothing.


Ling Qiao possesses several notable skills that contribute to her well-rounded character. She is skilled in accounting and has a talent for playing musical instruments. Her skills in these areas demonstrate her practical mindset and attention to detail. In addition, Ling Qiao is an accomplished runner, which is in keeping with her active and energetic nature. Her diverse skill set makes her a valuable asset to the Time Photography Studio and the adventures she embarks on with her friends.

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Ling Qiao comes from the anime series “Shiguang Dailiren”. While the exact details of her origin story are not given, her presence in the series as a central character suggests a significant role in the overall narrative. As the landlord of the Time Photography Studio and a trusted friend of Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang, Ling Qiao’s origin is intertwined with the lives of the main protagonists and their shared experiences.

Ling Qiao – FAQ

Who is Ling Qiao in “Shiguang Dailiren”?

Ling Qiao is a fictional character in the Chinese drama series “Shiguang Dailiren” (also known as “A Timeless Love” or “The Eternal Love”). He is portrayed by actor Xu Kai and is one of the main protagonists of the series.

What are Ling Qiao’s special skills?

Ling Qiao has supernatural abilities due to his immortality. He has incredible strength, speed, and regenerative powers. He can also transform into a wolf, which enhances his fighting abilities and allows him to protect the people he cares about.

How does Ling Qiao meet the female lead of the series?

Ling Qiao meets the female lead, Qu Xiao Tan (played by actress Liang Jie), when he awakens from a long sleep. Qu Xiao Tan accidentally frees him from his imprisonment and their paths cross. Ling Qiao is fascinated by Qu Xiao Tan and decides to protect her.

What is the relationship between Ling Qiao and Qu Xiao Tan?

Ling Qiao and Qu Xiao Tan develop a deep bond over the course of the series. At first, Ling Qiao becomes her protector, but over time, their relationship evolves into a romantic one. They face various obstacles and challenges together, but their love for each other remains steadfast.

How does Ling Qiao deal with his immortality?

Ling Qiao has lived for centuries, witnessing the rise and fall of many civilizations. At first, he feels burdened by his immortality and the loneliness that comes with it. However, after meeting Qu Xiao Tan, he finds solace in their relationship and learns to embrace life despite his eternal existence.

Does Ling Qiao have any enemies?

Yes, Ling Qiao has enemies who want to take advantage of his immortality and use his powers for their own gain. Throughout the series, he faces a variety of adversaries, including powerful supernatural beings and individuals who wish to harm him and those he cares about.