Xiaoshi Cheng

Original Name 鄭小時
Romaji Name Cheng Xiaoshi
Nicknames Little Cheng, Xiaoshi
Series Xiaoshi Zhan Ji
Age 23
Weight 60 kg
Height 170 cm
Date of Birth July 15, 2001
Blood Type O

Xiaoshi Cheng from Shiguang Dailiren


Xiaoshi Cheng, the main character in the anime series “Shiguang Dailiren”, is a young man with a rough exterior but a kind heart. He often acts impulsively and is known for his determination and willingness to go to great lengths to achieve his goals. Xiaoshi is driven by a strong sense of responsibility and loyalty, especially to his friends and the Time Photography Studio he runs.


Not much is known about Xiaoshi Cheng’s background. However, it is known that he experienced immense emotional distress as a child when his parents left him for unknown reasons. This event had a profound effect on him, shaping his character and fueling his desire to save his struggling photography studio.


Xiaoshi Cheng is a young man with a height of 180 cm and a weight of 75 kg. He has a slightly rough and unkempt appearance that reflects his independent and impulsive nature. Xiaoshi’s most distinctive feature is his piercing gaze, which conveys his determination and resolve.


Xiaoshi Cheng possesses a unique superpower that allows him to enter the world inside a photograph and temporarily take control of the photographer’s body. By clapping his hands, Xiaoshi can dive back into the photos and fulfill the wishes of the studio’s clients. This ability allows him to capture moments and create memories for others, showcasing his skills as a photographer.


Xiaoshi Cheng’s origin is in the fictional universe of “Shiguang Dailiren”. As the main protagonist of the series, Xiaoshi’s story revolves around his efforts to save the Time Photography Studio from going out of business. Together with his friend Lu Guang, they use their powers to enter photos and fulfill the wishes of their customers. Xiaoshi’s journey is one of personal growth as he navigates the challenges and mysteries of the world of photographs.

Xiaoshi Cheng – FAQ

Who is Xiaoshi Cheng?

Xiaoshi Cheng is a fictional character from the Chinese drama series “Shiguang Dailiren”, also known as “The Time Entrepreneur”. He is one of the main characters of the show.

What is Xiaoshi Cheng’s role in the story?

Xiaoshi Cheng is a time traveler and entrepreneur who has the ability to travel back in time. He uses his ability to travel back in time to help people overcome their regrets and change their past decisions.

How does Xiaoshi Cheng help people overcome their regrets?

Xiaoshi Cheng helps people with their regrets by taking them back in time to specific moments in their lives where they made important decisions. He guides them through these moments and helps them make different choices to change the outcome and resolve their regrets.

Does Xiaoshi Cheng have any personal motivations or goals?

Yes, Xiaoshi Cheng has a personal motivation to find a way to save his younger brother who tragically died when they were children. Throughout the series, he searches for answers and tries to change the past to prevent his brother’s death.

Are there any limits to Xiaoshi Cheng’s ability to travel through time?

Yes, there are limitations to Xiaoshi Cheng’s ability to travel through time. He can only travel back in time to moments that he personally experienced or witnessed. He cannot change events that occurred before his own birth or travel to the future.

Does Xiaoshi Cheng face any challenges or obstacles in his mission to help others?

Yes, Xiaoshi Cheng faces various challenges and obstacles in his mission. He faces resistance from some people who are skeptical or resistant to change. In addition, he must navigate the complexities of changing the past without causing unintended consequences or disrupting the fabric of time.