Sunako Kirishiki

Original Name 桐敷沙子
Romaji Name Kirishiki Sunako
Nicknames None
Series Shiki
Age 13 (100+)
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth December 8
Blood Type AB-


Sunako Kirishiki, a character from the anime series “Shiki”, has a complex and intriguing personality. Initially portrayed as a young, playful girl, Sunako’s true nature is gradually revealed as the series progresses. She is portrayed as the main antagonist and one of the shiki, or “corpse demons,” in the story.
Sunako shows strong determination and a cunning mindset. She is the mastermind behind the shiki’s arrival in the village of Sotoba. Her deep admiration for the works of her favorite author, Seishin Muroi, drives her actions. Sunako’s manipulative nature is evident as she draws inspiration from Muroi’s writings and strategically plans the shiki’s infiltration of Sotoba.

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Sunako Kirishiki comes from a wealthy family and was initially a beloved daughter. Tragically, her life took a dark turn when she was bitten by a vampire Western nobleman who was a guest in her home. After her death, she reawakens as a shiki, with her family keeping her imprisoned and sending servants to feed her. Sunako eventually leaves her refuge in search of her family, only to discover that they have all perished.


Sunako Kirishiki has the appearance of a young girl with dark hair and striking purple eyes. Her physical features, combined with her mysterious and seductive aura, contribute to her overall enigmatic presence. She often dresses in gothic Lolita fashion, which adds to her captivating and somewhat eerie appearance.


As a shiki, Sunako possesses various supernatural abilities. She can move quickly and silently, making her a formidable opponent. Sunako has enhanced strength and agility, allowing her to overpower her opponents with ease. She also has the ability to turn humans into Shiki by biting them.


Sunako’s origin story stems from her transformation into a shiki after being bitten by a vampire noble. Her journey as a shiki begins when she awakens from death and discovers her newfound existence. Her desire to reunite with her deceased family sets her on a path of vengeance and manipulation, leading to the events that unfold in the “Shiki” series.
As the story unfolds, Sunako Kirishiki’s character evolves from an innocent girl to a complex and powerful antagonist. Her dark past, manipulative nature, and supernatural abilities make her a compelling and memorable character in the world of Shiki.

Sunako Kirishiki – FAQ

Who is Sunako Kirishiki?

Sunako Kirishiki is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Shiki”. She is one of the main characters and plays a pivotal role in the story.

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What is Sunako’s role in “Shiki”?

Sunako is a member of the Kirishiki family, a group of vampires who move to the small village of Sotoba. Her role in the story revolves around her interactions with the other characters and her involvement in the supernatural events that take place in the village.

What makes Sunako Kirishiki different from other vampires?

Sunako and her family are not traditional vampires in the sense of being undead or harmed by sunlight. Instead, they are called “shiki”, which is a different kind of vampire. They can walk in daylight, but are still dependent on blood for survival.

What are Sunako’s personality traits?

Sunako is portrayed as a mysterious and enigmatic character. She is often calm and collected and rarely shows emotion. She has a strong will and determination, and is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her goals. She can also be manipulative and cunning when necessary.

How does Sunako Kirishiki contribute to the plot of “Shiki”?

Sunako’s arrival in the village sets off a chain of events that leads to a conflict between the vampires and the human residents of Sotoba. Her actions and decisions have a significant impact on the direction of the story and the fate of other characters.

Does Sunako Kirishiki have any special skills?

As a Shiki, Sunako has heightened senses and physical abilities such as increased speed and strength. She also has the power to control and manipulate lesser vampires, known as “familiars”, to do her bidding.