Ilya Chaiko

Original Name (Japanese): チャイコさん
Romaji Name: Chaiko
Nicknames: Ilya Chaiko
Series: Shimanami Tasogare
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Ilya Chaiko, also known as Chaiko, is an elderly gentleman who is often seen hanging around the lounge in the Shimanami Tasogare series. He is described as enjoying classical music and is known to be a friendly and welcoming presence in the lounge. Despite his age, Chaiko maintains a warm and friendly demeanor, providing the other characters with a sense of comfort and community.


Chaiko is gay and has been with his partner for over 30 years. Tragically, his partner is currently in the hospital, terminally ill with cancer. This personal hardship adds a layer of poignancy to Chaiko’s character as he deals with the difficulties of losing a long-term loved one.

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Chaiko is an older gentleman with slicked back hair. His appearance suggests a refined and distinguished air, fitting his role as an older figure within the lounge setting.


The manga does not delve deeply into Chaiko’s specific abilities, but his primary role seems to be that of a supportive and nurturing presence for the other characters. His knowledge of classical music and his willingness to listen and offer guidance suggest a certain wisdom and life experience that he brings to the group.


Chaiko is a character created by mangaka Oshimi Shuuzou for the series Shimanami Tasogare. He serves as an important supporting character, providing a sense of community and acceptance for the LGBTQ+ characters in the story.

Ilya Chaiko – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Ilya Chaiko from “Shimanami Tasogare”:

Who is Ilya Chaiko?

Ilya Chaiko is a character in the manga series “Shimanami Tasogare” by Ōshimi Yūki. He is a half-Russian, half-Japanese high school student who is a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

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What is Ilya’s role in the story?

Ilya is a supporting character who plays an important role in the lives of the main characters. He provides a supportive and accepting presence for the other LGBTQ+ characters as they navigate issues of identity, acceptance, and self-discovery.

How does Ilya’s mixed heritage shape his identity?

Ilya’s mixed Russian and Japanese heritage is an important aspect of his character. He struggles with the feeling that he doesn’t fully belong to either culture, which contributes to his sense of isolation and his desire to find a community where he can feel accepted.

What is Ilya’s relationship to the other characters?

Ilya forms close bonds with the other LGBTQ+ characters, especially the main protagonist, Tasuku. He provides a listening ear and sage advice as the characters work through personal struggles. Ilya also has a romantic interest in one of the other minor characters.

How does Ilya’s character arc develop over the course of the story?

Throughout the manga, Ilya goes through his own journey of self-acceptance and learning to embrace his identity. He becomes more confident and outspoken in advocating for LGBTQ+ rights and representation within his community.

What themes does Ilya’s character explore in the story?

Ilya’s character explores themes of intersectionality, identity, acceptance, and the importance of community and support systems for marginalized individuals. His experiences highlight the unique challenges faced by people with multiple minority identities.