Ryouma Nagare

Japanese Name 流 竜馬
Romaji Name Ryouma Nagare
Nicknames Ryou, Hummer
Series Shin Getter Robo tai Neo Getter Robo
Age Varies depending on the adaptation
Weight Varies depending on the adaptation
Height Varies depending on the adaptation
Date of Birth Varies depending on the adaptation
Blood Type Varies depending on the adaptation

Ryouma Nagare from “Shin Getter Robo tai Neo Getter Robo

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Ryouma Nagare, the protagonist of “Shin Getter Robo tai Neo Getter Robo,” has a dynamic and determined personality. He is portrayed as a hot-blooded and passionate individual, driven by a strong sense of justice and a desire to protect humanity from impending threats. Ryouma displays a fearless and determined nature, willing to put his life on the line to achieve his goals. Despite his intense and serious demeanor, he also displays a compassionate side, caring deeply for his comrades and showing unwavering loyalty to them.


Ryouma Nagare’s background in “Shin Getter Robo tai Neo Getter Robo” is closely tied to his role as the original leader of the Getter team. In the series, he is portrayed as a highly skilled pilot and martial artist. Ryouma’s journey begins when he encounters Professor Saotome’s assistants and seeks revenge for his father’s honor. Impressed by Ryouma’s abilities, Professor Saotome tests him by sending assassins after him. Ryouma successfully defeats them, leading to his recruitment into the Getter Team, a group tasked with piloting the Getter Robo to fight various threats.


Ryouma Nagare is depicted as a tall and athletic individual with a strong physique. He has unkempt, dark hair and sharp, determined eyes that reflect his unwavering determination. Ryouma’s clothing typically consists of a red pilot’s suit with various technological enhancements, emphasizing his role as a skilled pilot and warrior. His appearance exudes a sense of strength and determination, reflecting his role as a leader and protector.


Ryouma Nagare possesses exceptional combat and piloting skills, making him a formidable force in battle. As the leader of the Getter Team, Ryouma is adept at operating the Getter Robo, a powerful mecha designed to combat various threats. He displays exceptional reflexes, agility, and physical strength, allowing him to engage in intense combat situations with relative ease. Ryouma’s martial arts background further enhances his close combat skills, allowing him to deliver devastating blows to his opponents.


Ryouma Nagare is from the “Shin Getter Robo tai Neo Getter Robo” series. He first appeared in the manga and anime adaptations of “Getter Robo” created by Go Nagai and Ken Ishikawa. The series revolves around the Getter Team, a group of skilled pilots who use the Getter Robo to defend Earth from dangerous entities. Ryouma’s character has been a staple in the Getter Robo franchise, embodying the archetype of a hot-blooded protagonist and serving as a symbol of courage and heroism.
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Ryouma Nagare – FAQ

Who is Ryouma Nagare?

Ryouma Nagare is one of the main characters in the anime and manga series “Shin Getter Robo tai Neo Getter Robo”. He is an experienced pilot and the leader of the Getter Robo team.

What is Ryouma Nagare’s role in the Getter Robo team?

Ryouma Nagare is the pilot of Getter-1, the main robot of the Getter Robo Team. He is the leader of the team and is responsible for coordinating their missions and strategies.

What are Ryouma Nagare’s skills and abilities?

Ryouma Nagare is a highly skilled pilot with exceptional combat abilities. He is an expert in melee combat and is adept at using the various weapons and attacks of the Getter-1. Ryouma’s strong will and determination often drive him to overcome difficult situations.

What is Ryouma Nagare’s personality like?

Ryouma Nagare is known for his strong and determined personality. He is confident, hot-blooded, and often acts impulsively. Ryouma is fiercely dedicated to the protection of humanity and will go to great lengths to achieve victory over his enemies.

How does Ryouma Nagare contribute to the plot of “Shin Getter Robo tai Neo Getter Robo”?

Ryouma Nagare plays a central role in the plot of “Shin Getter Robo tai Neo Getter Robo. As the leader of the Getter Robo team, he leads and inspires his teammates in their battles against powerful enemies. Ryouma’s character development and interactions with other characters drive the plot forward.

Are there any notable relationships or connections involving Ryouma Nagare?

Ryouma Nagare has a close relationship with other members of the Getter Robo team, such as Hayato Jin and Musashi Tomoe. They share a deep camaraderie and work together as a cohesive unit. Ryouma also has a strong bond with Michiru Saotome, a scientist and supporter of the Getter Robo team.