Eren Yeager

Japanese Name エレン・イェーガー
Romaji Name Eren Yeager
Series Shingeki no Kyojin
Age 15 (at the start of the series)
19 (after time skip)
Weight 63 kg (139 lbs) – 82 kg (181 lbs)
Height 170 cm (5’7″) – 183 cm (6’0″)
Date of Birth March 30
Blood Type Unknown

Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager (エレン・イェーガー) is a fictional character from the popular anime and manga series “Shingeki no Kyojin” (Attack on Titan). Created by Hajime Isayama, Eren serves as the main protagonist of the series and plays a crucial role in the narrative. Known for his determination and strong sense of justice, Eren is a dynamic character who undergoes significant growth and development throughout the story.

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Eren is characterized by his passionate and hotheaded nature. He has a deep desire for freedom and a strong dislike for the oppressive Titans who threaten humanity. Eren’s unwavering determination to protect his loved ones and eliminate the Titans drives his actions and fuels his relentless pursuit of justice. However, Eren’s impulsive nature often leads him to act recklessly, sometimes putting himself and others in danger.


Eren’s background is one of tragedy and loss. As a child, he witnessed the destruction of his hometown and the death of his mother at the hands of the Titans. This traumatic event shaped his worldview and fueled his desire for revenge against the Titans. Eren’s determination to join the military and destroy the Titans is deeply rooted in his personal experience and trauma.


Eren has a distinctive appearance, with short brown hair and striking green eyes. Over the course of the series, he undergoes a physical transformation under the influence of his Titan powers. After a time jump, Eren’s height increases to 183 cm (6’0″), and his physique becomes more muscular and imposing.


Eren has the unique ability to transform into a Titan, making him a formidable force on the battlefield. As a Titan, he possesses incredible strength, agility, and regenerative abilities. Eren’s Titan form, known as the Attack Titan, allows him to unleash devastating attacks on his enemies and gives him the power to control and direct other Titans in battle.


Eren Yeager was created by Hajime Isayama as the central protagonist of the “Shingeki no Kyojin” series. His character development and journey serve as a driving force in the overall narrative, which explores themes of revenge, freedom, and the complexities of human nature in a post-apocalyptic world.
Eren Yeager’s portrayal in the anime and manga series has received much attention and praise from fans around the world. His complex personality, intense determination, and the moral dilemmas he faces throughout the story make him a compelling and memorable character in the Shingeki no Kyojin universe.

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Eren Yeager – FAQ

Who is Eren Yeager in “Shingeki no Kyojin”?

Eren Yeager is the main protagonist of the manga and anime series “Shingeki no Kyojin”, also known as “Attack on Titan”. He begins as a member of the Scout Regiment and later becomes a key figure in the battle against the Titans.

What are Eren Yeager’s motivations?

Eren’s motivations change over the course of the series. Initially, his main goal is to join the Scout Regiment and explore the world beyond the Walls in search of freedom. As the story progresses, his motivations shift to seeking revenge against the Titans for the destruction they caused and protecting his loved ones.

What special abilities does Eren Yeager have?

Eren possesses the power of the Attack Titan, one of the Nine Titans passed down through generations. This power gives him the ability to transform into a titan at will. As an Attack Titan, Eren has enhanced strength, regeneration, and the ability to control other Titans.

What is Eren Yeager’s relationship to Mikasa Ackerman?

Eren and Mikasa have a close and complicated relationship. Mikasa is Eren’s adopted sister and cares deeply for him. Eren, on the other hand, considers Mikasa an important friend, but is not always open about his feelings for her. Their bond is marked by a strong sense of protectiveness and loyalty.

What is Eren Yeager’s role in the war against Marley?

In the later seasons of the anime and manga, Eren becomes a central figure in the war against Marley, the nation responsible for oppressing Paradise Island, where Eren and his friends live. Eren takes drastic measures to secure a future for his people, leading the Eldian Restorationists in an all-out attack on Marley.

What are some of the major character developments for Eren Yeager?

Throughout the series, Eren undergoes significant character development. Initially a hotheaded and impulsive character, he becomes more strategic and mature as the story progresses. Eren’s motivations also evolve from seeking personal freedom to fighting for a cause greater than himself, and his actions become morally ambiguous as he grapples with the consequences of his choices.