Pen Pen

Japanese Name ペンペン
Romaji Name Pen Pen
Nicknames None
Series Shinseiki Evangelion
Age 5
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Pen from “Shinseiki Evangelion”: A lovable hot spring penguin


Pen Pen, the beloved character from “Shinseiki Evangelion”, is a hot spring penguin with a charming personality. Despite being a non-human character, Pen Pen has human-like traits. He is known for his independence and self-sufficiency, often taking care of himself without much help. Pen Pen’s presence brings a sense of companionship and comfort to his owner, Misato Katsuragi, who is facing her own challenges.


In the world of “Shinseiki Evangelion”, Pen Pen is introduced as Misato Katsuragi’s pet. He lives in a refrigerator that serves as his cozy habitat in Misato’s apartment. The details of Pen Pen’s origin are not extensively explored in the series, but it is implied that Misato took him in when she left her previous job. Pen Pen’s role in the story goes beyond that of a pet, as he becomes a lovable member of Misato’s unconventional family.


Pen Pen’s appearance is that of a warm-water penguin, characterized by his smooth and fluffy plumage. With his round body and short stature, he exudes a cute and cuddly charm that makes him instantly lovable. His large, expressive eyes add to his appeal, conveying a range of emotions despite his limited ability to speak. Pen Pen’s design captures the essence of a penguin while adding a touch of anime-inspired charm.


While Pen Pen does not possess any supernatural powers or abilities, he demonstrates remarkable self-sufficiency and intelligence. He is shown to be able to take care of himself, including maintaining his personal hygiene by bathing. Pen Pen’s ability to adapt to his environment and live comfortably in a refrigerator demonstrates his resourcefulness and resilience. Although he cannot communicate verbally, he communicates through his body language and facial expressions, effectively conveying his thoughts and emotions to those around him.


Pen Pen’s significance in the Shinseiki Evangelion series extends beyond his role as a pet. He serves as a symbol of stability and companionship amidst the tumultuous and complex narrative. As Misato’s personal companion, Pen Pen provides solace and comfort in her moments of vulnerability. His presence reminds viewers of the importance of finding companionship and support in unexpected places.

Pen Pen – FAQ

Who is Pen Pen in “Shinseiki Evangelion”?

Pen Pen is a character in the anime series “Shinseiki Evangelion”. He is a warm water penguin who lives with the main characters of the series.

What is Pen Pen’s role in the series?

Pen Pen serves as a comic relief character in Shinseiki Evangelion. He provides light-hearted moments and often adds a touch of humor to the otherwise intense and serious storyline.

Can Pen Pen speak or communicate with humans?

No, Pen Pen cannot speak or communicate with humans in the traditional sense. However, he does show some understanding and can express emotions through body language and gestures.

How does Pen Pen contribute to the overall story?

While Pen Pen’s role is primarily comedic, he also serves as a symbol of normalcy and domesticity amidst the chaotic and apocalyptic events of the series. His presence brings a sense of familiarity and comfort to the lives of the characters.

Does Pen Pen have any special abilities or powers?

No, Pen Pen does not have any special abilities or powers beyond what is typical for a penguin. He is portrayed as an ordinary warm-water penguin, albeit one capable of living in a domestic environment.

What is Pen Pen’s relationship to the other characters?

Pen Pen is shown to have a close bond with the other characters, especially Misato Katsuragi, who is his primary caretaker. He often interacts with the other characters in a friendly and playful manner, and they have a fondness for him.