Cyan Hijirikawa

Japanese Name: 聖川 詩杏
Romaji Name: Hijirikawa Cyan
Nicknames: Cyan
Series: Show By Rock!!
Age: Not specified
Weight: Not specified
Height: 154 cm
Date of Birth: May 24
Blood Type: Not specified

Cyan Hijirikawa from “Show By Rock!!”

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Cyan Hijirikawa, also known as Cyan, is a main character in the anime series “Show By Rock!!”. She has a shy and reserved personality, often struggling with shyness and nervousness. Initially, Cyan’s lack of self-confidence prevents her from fully expressing herself and pursuing her passion for music. However, as the story progresses, she gradually gains confidence and becomes more comfortable with her abilities.
Cyan is portrayed as a kind-hearted and empathetic individual. She cares deeply for her friends and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Despite her initial reservations, Cyan has a strong determination and a strong sense of responsibility to her band, Plasmagica, and their mission to help the Myumons.


Before entering the music world, Cyan was an ordinary girl living in an ordinary world. It wasn’t until she entered high school that she decided to join the music club. However, due to her nervousness and anxiety, she finds it difficult to perform in front of others.
One fateful night, while playing a music game on her cell phone, Cyan wins a guitar named Strawberry Heart. This event transports her to another world inhabited by small, animal-like creatures. In this new realm, Cyan joins the band Plasmagica and embarks on a mission to help the Myumons using her musical talent and passion.


Cyan Hijirikawa has a distinctive appearance that reflects her Gothic Lolita style. She is a petite girl with fair skin and stands 154 cm tall. Cyan’s most recognizable feature is her bright cyan hair, which matches her name. She often wears her hair in twintails adorned with black ribbons.
In terms of clothing, Cyan is often seen in a gothic, lolita-inspired outfit. Her ensemble typically consists of a ruffled black dress, knee-high socks, and platform shoes. She complements her look with various accessories, such as bows and ribbons, which add to her cute and stylish appearance.


Cyan is a talented guitarist and singer, showcasing her musical abilities as a member of the band Plasmagica. Despite her initial lack of confidence, she has a natural talent for music and quickly adapts to her role in the band. Her guitar skills, combined with her melodious singing voice, contribute to Plasmagica’s unique sound and success.
Throughout the series, Cyan’s skills continue to develop and improve as she gains more experience and grows as a musician. Her dedication and passion for music allow her to overcome challenges and contribute to the overall success of the band.


Cyan Hijirikawa comes from the anime series “Show By Rock!!”, which is set in a world where music and the power of friendship are intertwined. In this universe, Cyan’s journey begins when she is transported to another world after winning a guitar game on her cell phone. The new realm she enters is inhabited by anthropomorphic animal creatures, and it is in this world that she joins the band Plasmagica.
As a member of Plasmagica, Cyan embarks on various adventures and encounters numerous challenges, ultimately using her musical talents to help the Myumons and protect the harmony of the musical world.

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Cyan Hijirikawa – FAQ

Who is Cyan Hijirikawa?

Cyan Hijirikawa is the main protagonist of the anime and game series “Show By Rock!!”. She is a quiet and shy high school girl who is transported to the world of Midi City after joining the virtual band Plasmagica.

What is Cyan’s role in Plasmagica?

Cyan becomes Plasmagica’s lead guitarist and vocalist after joining the band. Her musical talent and dedication contribute to the band’s success as they strive to become the best band in Midi City.

How does Cyan’s appearance change in the series?

When Cyan enters the world of Midi City, her appearance changes to that of a catgirl. She gains cat ears and a tail, and her hair turns cyan, reflecting her name. This transformation is a characteristic of the world she enters.

What is Cyan’s personality like?

Cyan is initially portrayed as introverted and lacking confidence in her musical abilities. However, as the series progresses, she gains confidence and becomes a passionate and determined musician. She is kindhearted, caring, and values her friendships with her bandmates.

What is Cyan’s special power?

Cyan has a unique ability called “Strawberry Heart”. When she plays the guitar, her emotions and thoughts manifest through the power of the music, creating a powerful effect on those who hear it. This ability becomes a crucial element in her musical journey.

Does Cyan have any significant relationships with other characters?

Yes, Cyan forms close bonds with her bandmates in Plasmagica, including Chuchu, Retoree, and Moa. She also forms a strong friendship with Rosia, a member of the band ShinganCrimsonz. In addition, Cyan has a mentor-student relationship with the enigmatic guitarist and composer Crow.