Original Name (Japanese): ロージア
Romaji Name: Rōjia
Nicknames: Logia, Logier
Series: Show By Rock!!
Age: Teenage
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Rosia is a teenage girl with a bubbly and energetic personality. She is very enthusiastic about music and passionate about her band “Criticrista”. Rosia is described as cheerful, optimistic and friendly. She cares deeply for her bandmates and is always willing to support and encourage them.


Rosia is a member of the band “Criticrista” in the anime series “Show By Rock!!”. The band is part of the Midi City music scene, which is the setting of the show. Not much is known about Rosia’s personal background or history beyond her involvement with the band.

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Rosia has long pink hair styled into two large twintails that curl outward at the ends. She has green eyes and a heart-shaped ahoge on top of her head. Rosia’s outfit consists of a white ruffled dress with pink and purple accents, a pink bow tie, and heeled boots.


As a musician, Rosia’s main skill is her singing and performing as part of Criticrista. She plays a supporting role within the band, providing vocals and backing instrumentation. Rosia is also very energetic and athletic during the band’s live shows.


Rosia is an original character created for the anime series “Show By Rock! She does not appear to be based on any pre-existing characters or real-life figures. Rosia was probably created to be a cheerful and lovable member of the ensemble cast that made up the various music groups in the anime’s Midi City setting.

Rosia – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Rosia from “Show By Rock!

Who is Rosia?

Rosia is one of the main characters of the anime and multimedia franchise “Show By Rock! She is a member of the virtual idol band Plasmagica, where she plays the bass guitar. Rosia is a shy and introverted cat-like creature from the city of Midi City.

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What is Rosia’s personality like?

Rosia is very shy, quiet and often feels insecure. She struggles with self-confidence and tends to doubt her own abilities as a musician. However, Rosia is also kindhearted, caring, and loyal to her bandmates in Plasmagica. As the series progresses, she gradually becomes more outgoing and confident.

What is Rosia’s role in the band Plasmagica?

As Plasmagica’s bassist, Rosia provides the low-end foundation for the band’s music. Although she is reluctant to stand out at first, Rosia’s bass lines and harmonies are essential to Plasmagica’s unique sound. She often takes a supporting role, but occasionally gets the chance to showcase her skills through bass solos and features.

What is Rosia’s relationship to the other members of Plasmagica?

Rosia has a close relationship with her bandmates, especially Cyan the guitarist and Moa the drummer. They help build Rosia’s confidence and make her feel included, even when she is hesitant to put herself out there. Rosia cares deeply about her friends and the success of Plasmagica as a band.

Does Rosia have any character development or story arcs?

Yes, Rosia undergoes a significant character development over the course of the “Show By Rock!” series. She starts out very shy and withdrawn, but through her experiences performing with Plasmagica, Rosia gradually comes out of her shell and becomes more confident. The storylines often focus on Rosia working to overcome her insecurities and fears in order to reach her full potential as a musician.

What are some of Rosia’s most notable traits or abilities?

In addition to her bass guitar skills, Rosia is known for her cute cat-like appearance with fluffy ears and tail. She also has the ability to transform into a larger, more monstrous “Demon Rosia” form when under intense emotion or stress. This alter ego represents Rosia’s inner confidence and aggression, which she often keeps suppressed.