Original Name プリムラ
Romaji Name Primura
Nicknames Rimu-chan
Series Shuffle!
Age 16
Weight N/A
Height 151 cm
Date of Birth January 25
Blood Type N/A

Primula from “Shuffle!

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Primula, also known as “Rimu-chan”, is a character from the anime and visual novel series “Shuffle!”. She has a unique and mysterious personality that adds depth to her character. Primula is often portrayed as soft-spoken and introverted, which contributes to her enigmatic aura. Despite her reserved nature, she is shown to be caring and compassionate towards those she holds dear.


Primula’s backstory in “Shuffle!” reveals that she is not a normal human girl. She is actually the third artificial life form created by a group of scientists from both the Gods and Demons worlds. These scientists wanted to improve their understanding of magic and its applications. As a result, Primula possesses an extraordinary level of magical power that surpasses that of any god or demon.


Primula’s physical appearance in “Shuffle!” is both distinctive and captivating. She is portrayed as a young girl with delicate features and a petite stature. Standing at a height of 151 cm, Primula’s presence may be unassuming, but her appearance is enhanced by her unique fashion choices. She is often seen carrying a stuffed cat, which has become a recognizable accessory for her character.


Primula’s extraordinary magical abilities set her apart from other characters in the series. While she initially struggles to control her powers, she receives guidance from Rin, the story’s protagonist, at a crucial stage in her development. This assistance allows her to harness and refine her magical abilities. As a result, Primula becomes a force to be reckoned with, possessing immense magical abilities beyond the norm.


Primula’s origins lie in the experiments conducted by the group of scientists from the World of Gods and Demons. As one of the artificial life forms created through their research, Primula represents the culmination of their efforts to unlock the secrets of magic. Her existence serves as a testament to the boundary-pushing efforts of these scientists and their desire to push the limits of magical potential.

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Primula – FAQ

What is Primula from “Shuffle!”?

Primula is a character from the anime and visual novel series “Shuffle! She is one of the main heroines and plays an important role in the story.

What is Primula’s personality like?

Primula is initially portrayed as a quiet and introverted girl. She is often seen as emotionless and expressionless, but as the story progresses, her character develops and she begins to show more emotion and a deeper understanding of human relationships.

What is Primula’s relationship to the main character?

Primula forms a close bond with the main character, Rin Tsuchimi. At first, Rin takes care of Primula as a father figure, but their relationship gradually evolves into a deeper emotional connection. Primula’s relationship with Rin is at the heart of the story.

Does Primula have any special abilities?

Yes, Primula has special abilities in the form of magical powers. She is a member of a race known as “Demons”, and her abilities include the manipulation of ice and snow. These powers are integral to the plot and contribute to the conflicts and developments in the series.

What role does Primula play in the overall story of Shuffle!

Primula plays a pivotal role in the overarching storyline of Shuffle! Her character arc involves themes of self-discovery, personal growth, and exploring her place in the world. Her presence and actions have a significant impact on the relationships and outcomes of the other characters.

Are there any notable moments or events involving Primula in Shuffle!

Yes, there are several notable moments involving Primula in the series. Without giving too much away, her character undergoes significant emotional growth, and certain events occur that test her relationships with other characters. These moments add to the overall dramatic tension and narrative progression of the story.