Kuukai Souma

項目 情報
日本名 蒼真 空海
Romaji名 Sōma Kuukai
愛称 クーちゃん
シリーズ しゅごキャラ!
年齢 12歳
体重 40kg
身長 150cm
誕生日 11月29日
血液型 O型


Kuukai Souma, a character from the anime and manga series “Shugo Chara!”, is known for his upbeat and energetic personality. As the former “Jack’s Chair” of the Guardians, he exudes a sense of leadership and charisma. Kuukai is very outgoing and has a friendly demeanor that makes him easy to befriend. He is often seen smiling and enjoys sports and physical activities.
Kuukai’s positive attitude and enthusiasm make him a source of inspiration to those around him. He is determined and hardworking, especially when it comes to his role as captain of the soccer club. Despite his athletic prowess, Kuukai remains humble and approachable, always willing to lend a helping hand to his friends and teammates.

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Kuukai Souma’s background in “Shugo Chara!” reveals that he is one year older than the series’ protagonist, Amu. As a former member of the Guardians, a group dedicated to protecting people’s hopes and dreams, Kuukai actively participated in their missions and activities. He held the position of “Jack’s Chair,” indicating his prominent role within the organization.
Throughout the series, Kuukai’s devotion to the Guardians and his friends is evident. He is portrayed as a reliable and trustworthy individual who is always willing to support his teammates. Despite graduating from the school, Kuukai remains connected to the Guardians and often visits them, showing his enduring friendship and loyalty.


Kuukai Souma has a youthful and athletic appearance that fits his role as a soccer player and a spirited character. He is depicted with short, spiky brown hair and warm brown eyes. Kuukai’s clothing typically consists of his school or soccer club uniform, emphasizing his active involvement in sports.
His energetic demeanor is reflected in his posture and expression, which is often seen with a broad smile on his face. Kuukai’s physical appearance complements his outgoing personality and athletic abilities.


Kuukai Souma displays exceptional athletic ability, especially in soccer. As captain of the Soccer Club, he displays remarkable agility, speed, and reflexes on the field. His talent in the sport is widely recognized and admired by his peers.
In addition to his athletic prowess, Kuukai possesses the power of the Humpty Lock, a key item in the series that allows characters to undergo character transformations. With his guardian, Daichi, Kuukai can initiate a character transformation called “Sky Jack,” which enhances his soccer skills and gives him additional abilities.


Kuukai Souma comes from the anime and manga series “Shugo Chara!” created by Peach-Pit. The series revolves around the concept of Guardian Characters, embodied representations of a person’s hidden desires and dreams. Kuukai’s involvement as a member of the Guardians and his role as “Jack’s Chair” contribute to the overarching narrative of the series, highlighting the importance of friendship, self-discovery, and protecting one’s dreams.
Kuukai’s character development throughout the series shows his growth as a supportive friend and dedicated individual. His positive influence on the main characters and his unwavering loyalty to the Guardians make him an integral part of the “Shugo Chara!

Kuukai Souma – FAQ

Who is Kuukai Souma?

Kuukai Souma is a fictional character from the manga and anime series “Shugo Chara!” created by Peach-Pit. He is one of the main characters and a member of the Guardians, a group dedicated to protecting the dreams and wishes of others.

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What is Kuukai Souma’s role in “Shugo Chara!”?

Kuukai Souma serves as one of the Guardians in the series. He is known as “Jack’s Chair” and is in charge of sports-related activities. He actively participates in the Guardians’ missions and helps the protagonist, Amu Hinamori, in her quest to unlock the potential of her Guardian characters.

What are Kuukai Souma’s Guardian Characters?

Kuukai Souma has two Guardian Characters named Daichi and Rhythm. Daichi represents Kuukai’s desire to excel in sports and is associated with the soccer element. Rhythm, on the other hand, represents his love for music and dance.

What are Kuukai Souma’s personality traits?

Kuukai Souma is portrayed as an energetic, happy, and athletic character. He is highly competitive and always strives to do his best in sports. Kuukai is also friendly, dependable, and known for his strong sense of justice. He cares deeply for his friends and is always willing to lend a helping hand.

Does Kuukai Souma have a romantic interest in “Shugo Chara!

Yes, in the series, Kuukai Souma develops romantic feelings for Amu Hinamori, the protagonist. He has a crush on her and often tries to impress her with his athletic skills and kind-hearted nature. However, Amu’s love interest lies elsewhere, and their relationship remains platonic throughout the story.

What is Kuukai Souma’s transformation in “Shugo Chara!”?

Kuukai Souma’s transformation in “Shugo Chara!” is known as “Sky Jack”. When he undergoes a character transformation, he gains increased athleticism and agility. His outfit consists of a sky-blue jacket, matching shorts, knee-high socks, and sneakers. As Sky Jack, Kuukai can perform powerful athletic moves and use his soccer skills in battles against the series’ antagonists.