Nagihiko Fujisaki

Original Name 藤咲 なぎひこ
Romaji Name Fujisaki Nagihiko
Nicknames Nadeshiko, Nagi
Series Shugo Chara!
Age 13
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth July 4
Blood Type AB


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A Character Analysis


Nagihiko Fujisaki, a prominent character in the anime and manga series “Shugo Chara!”, has a calm and cool personality. He is known for his ability to formulate plans and strategies when dealing with X Eggs and Transformers. Despite his reserved demeanor, Nagihiko is a loyal and supportive friend, especially to the series’ protagonist, Amu. He displays a battle-hungry yakuza persona during character transformation, speaking in Hiroshima slang and wielding a naginata.


Nagihiko Fujisaki is a thirteen-year-old boy who initially presents himself as Nadeshiko Fujisaki. However, it is later revealed that Nagihiko is actually Nadeshiko’s male alter ego. In the Fujisaki family, males are traditionally trained as “oyama,” male actors who portray female roles in Kabuki theater. As a result, Nagihiko wears female clothing and takes a female name. To improve his dancing skills, Nagihiko studies abroad in Europe. Throughout the series, he harbors unspoken feelings for Amu, though he remains reluctant to reveal his true identity.


Nagihiko Fujisaki has a distinctive appearance, often seen wearing elegant and feminine clothing. His androgynous features and long, flowing hair contribute to his ability to pass effortlessly as a girl. Nagihiko’s appearance reflects his role as an “oyama” in the Kabuki theater, in keeping with family tradition. However, his true gender and identity as Nagihiko are known only to a select few, including his family, the First King, and close friends such as Amu.


During the character change, Nagihiko undergoes a transformation and takes on a battle-hungry Yakuza persona. He speaks in Hiroshima slang and wields a naginata, demonstrating his skills in battle. In addition, Nagihiko’s Guardian Charas, Temari and Rhythm, play a crucial role in his abilities. Rhythm, in particular, enhances Nagihiko’s athleticism and sportsmanship, allowing him to excel in activities such as basketball. Together, they form a powerful team, using their combined strengths in character transformations such as Beat Jumper and Yamato Mai Hime.

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Nagihiko Fujisaki is from the anime and manga series “Shugo Chara!” created by Peach-Pit. The series follows the story of Amu Hinamori, a young girl who becomes involved in a secret world of guardian figures, X-eggs, and character transformations. Nagihiko’s character arc explores themes of identity, self-discovery, and the challenges of conforming to societal expectations. Through his journey, Nagihiko learns to embrace his true self and find acceptance among his friends.

Nagihiko Fujisaki – FAQ

Who is Nagihiko Fujisaki?

Nagihiko Fujisaki is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Shugo Chara!” created by Peach-Pit. He is one of the main characters and a Guardian of the Guardians.

What is Nagihiko’s Guardian character?

Nagihiko’s Guardian character is Rhythm. Rhythm represents Nagihiko’s desire to become his true self and express his true feelings.

What is Nagihiko’s gender?

Nagihiko is a male character who cross-dresses as a girl during his performances as a traditional Japanese dancer.

What is Nagihiko’s personality?

Nagihiko is a kind, polite, and dedicated individual. He is known for his calm and collected demeanor. He takes his responsibility as a Guardian seriously and is always willing to help his friends.

What is Nagihiko’s role in the series?

Nagihiko serves as one of the Guardians in the series, along with Amu Hinamori and the other characters. His role is to protect the embryo and help find the eggs of the Guardian characters.

Does Nagihiko have any special powers?

Yes, Nagihiko has the ability to transform into his alter ego, Nadeshiko Fujisaki. As Nadeshiko, he performs traditional Japanese dances with grace and skill.

What is Nagihiko’s relationship to the other characters?

Nagihiko is a close friend of Amu Hinamori and the other Guardians. He shares a special bond with Rima Mashiro, another Guardian, and they often perform together as a pair. Nagihiko is also supportive and caring of his friends, and his presence brings a sense of stability to the group.