Oyuki Kashima

Original Name (Japanese): 鹿島 雪
Romanized Name (Romaji): Kashima Oyuki
Nicknames: Lady Snowblood
Series: Shurayuki-hime
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown

Oyuki Kashima


Oyuki Kashima is an alluring and beautiful woman. She is driven by a singular purpose – to avenge the deaths of her brother and father at the hands of a gang of criminals. Oyuki is skilled in the use of a blade hidden in her umbrella, demonstrating her formidable abilities.

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Oyuki has been given the task of revenge by her mother. She seeks to kill the four people responsible for the murders of her family members.


Oyuki is described as an alluring and beautiful woman. She possesses formidable skills with a blade hidden in her umbrella.


Oyuki is highly skilled in the use of a blade hidden in her umbrella. This hidden weapon allows her to engage in deadly combat, showcasing her formidable skills as an assassin.


Oyuki Kashima is a character from the manga series “Shurayuki-hime”. She plays a central role in the story, which revolves around her quest for revenge against those who murdered her family.

Oyuki Kashima – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Oyuki Kashima from “Shurayuki-hime”:

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Who is Oyuki Kashima?

Oyuki Kashima is a character from the Japanese manga series “Shurayuki-hime” (The Snow White Princess). She is the daughter of a wealthy businessman and a childhood friend of the protagonist, Akira Sakamoto.

What is Oyuki’s role in the story?

Oyuki is a central character in the story. She is in love with Akira, and their relationship is a major source of conflict and drama throughout the series. Oyuki’s wealth, social status, and strong-willed personality often put her at odds with Akira and the other characters.

What is Oyuki’s personality like?

Oyuki is described as a proud, intelligent, and determined young woman. She is not afraid to speak her mind and fight for what she wants. However, she can also be manipulative and use her wealth and influence to get her way. Oyuki is deeply in love with Akira, which both motivates and complicates her actions.

How does Oyuki’s relationship with Akira develop over the course of the series?

Oyuki and Akira have been friends since childhood, but their relationship becomes increasingly strained as Oyuki’s feelings for Akira deepen and Akira becomes involved with other women. Oyuki makes numerous attempts to win Akira’s affection, which often leads to conflict between the two. Their relationship goes through many ups and downs, culminating in a dramatic ending.

What is Oyuki’s background and family like?

Oyuki comes from a wealthy and influential family. Her father is a successful businessman who expects Oyuki to marry well and maintain the family’s social status. Oyuki’s family background plays a significant role in her motivations and choices throughout the series.

How does Oyuki’s character develop throughout the story?

Throughout the series, Oyuki undergoes significant personal growth and development. While she begins as a somewhat one-dimensional antagonist, she becomes a more complex and sympathetic character as the story progresses. Oyuki’s unwavering love for Akira and her willingness to fight for what she wants make her a compelling and memorable character.