Langa Hasegawa

Original Name 馳河 ランガ
Romaji Name Langa Hasegawa
Nicknames Snow
Series SK∞
Age 17
Weight 64kg
Height 178cm
Date of Birth February 8
Blood Type AB

Langa Hasegawa from “SK∞”: An Introduction to the Character


Langa Hasegawa, also known as “Snow”, is a prominent character in the anime series “SK∞”. He has a calm and collected demeanor, often approaching situations with a level-headed attitude. Langa is known for his reserved nature, which gives him an air of mystery. Despite his initial calm, Langa is a fiercely determined individual who is willing to push himself to the limit in pursuit of his goals. He values friendship and forms strong bonds with those around him, especially his skateboarding partner Reki.


Langa’s background is one of tragedy and change. After the death of his father, he and his mother moved to Okinawa, where he met Reki and discovered his passion for skateboarding. Langa has been snowboarding since the age of two, and his move to Okinawa prompts him to explore a new form of extreme sports. His previous experience in snowboarding contributes to his exceptional skills on the skateboard.


Langa is a visually striking character with a unique sense of style. He has short, silver hair that is often seen swept to the side, complementing his cool and collected personality. Standing at 178cm, Langa has a lean and athletic physique that reflects his dedication to sports. His fashion choices often include trendy streetwear and skateboarding apparel, further emphasizing his connection to the skateboarding world.


Langa’s talents lie in both snowboarding and skateboarding. With years of snowboarding experience, Langa possesses exceptional balance, agility, and control that seamlessly translates to his skateboarding skills. His ability to quickly adapt to new environments and learn from others allows him to rapidly progress in the world of skateboarding. Langa’s determination and unwavering focus allow him to overcome challenges and push the limits of his abilities.


Langa Hasegawa is a half-Japanese exchange student who has spent a significant portion of his life in Canada. His Canadian background contributes to his unique perspective and adds an international flavor to the story. Langa’s exposure to different cultures and experiences shapes his character and influences his approach to skateboarding.
In “SK∞,” Langa Hasegawa emerges as a multi-dimensional character with a compelling backstory, a distinct personality, and remarkable skateboarding skills. His journey of self-discovery, friendship, and passion for extreme sports captivates viewers and makes him a beloved and integral part of the series. Langa’s combination of natural talent, determination, and international background make him a fascinating and relatable character in the world of anime.

Langa Hasegawa – FAQ

Who is Langa Hasegawa?

Langa Hasegawa is a fictional character from the anime series “SK∞” (SK8 the Infinity). He is one of the main protagonists of the series.

What is Langa’s background?

Langa Hasegawa is a half-Canadian, half-Japanese high school student who recently moved to Okinawa, Japan. He is a talented snowboarder and brings his unique skills to the world of skateboarding.

How did Langa get into skateboarding?

Langa’s interest in skateboarding was sparked when he met Reki, a charismatic skater who introduced him to the underground skateboarding scene in Okinawa. Inspired by Reki’s passion, Langa decides to give skateboarding a try and quickly discovers his natural talent.

What is Langa’s style of skateboarding?

Langa’s skateboarding style is heavily influenced by his snowboarding background. He incorporates fluid and graceful moves into his skateboarding, often performing aerial tricks and incorporating his snowboarding techniques into his routines.

What are Langa’s goals in skateboarding?

Langa’s first goal in skateboarding is to have fun and enjoy the thrill of the sport. As he becomes more involved in the skateboarding community, he develops a competitive spirit and aims to improve his skills and compete in various skateboarding events.

Does Langa face any challenges on his skateboarding journey?

Yes, Langa faces several challenges throughout his skateboarding journey. He encounters skilled opponents, navigates the complexities of different skateboarding styles, and deals with personal setbacks. However, he remains determined and perseveres to overcome these obstacles.

Does Langa have any significant relationships in the series?

Langa develops a close friendship with Reki, who becomes his mentor and guide in the world of skateboarding. Their bond strengthens as they face challenges together and support each other’s growth. Langa also makes connections with other skaters he meets along the way.

What makes Langa a compelling character in SK∞?

Langa’s unique background as a snowboarder brings a fresh perspective to the world of skateboarding in the series. His determination, talent, and willingness to take risks make him a compelling character to follow. Additionally, his growth and development as he navigates the skateboarding scene makes him relatable and engaging to the audience.