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Slam Dunk


Original Name (Japanese): 彩子 Romaji Name: Ayako Nicknames: “Aya-chan” Series: Slam Dunk Age: Unspecified Weight: Unspecified Height: Unspecified Date of Birth: Unspecified Blood Type: Unspecified Personality Ayako is described as strong-willed, somewhat tomboyish, and good-natured. She initially does not reciprocate Ryota’s romantic feelings for her, but eventually comes to accept them by the end of […]

Kenji Fujima

Original Name: 藤真 健司 Romaji Name: Fujima Kenji Nicknames: N/A Series: Slam Dunk Age: 17 (3rd Year) Weight: 66 kg Height: 178 cm Date of Birth: N/A Blood Type: N/A Position: Point Guard/Coach Jersey Number: #4 Personality Kenji Fujima is a multifaceted character in the Slam Dunk series. Off the court, he is calm, mild-mannered, […]

Mitsuyoshi Anzai

Japanese Name 安西 光義 Romaji Name Anzai Mitsuyoshi Nicknames “Anzai-sensei”, “White-Haired Buddha” Series Slam Dunk Age Not specified Weight Not specified Height Not specified Date of Birth Not specified Blood Type Not specified Mitsuyoshi Anzai The dedicated coach of Shohoku High – Slam Dunk Personality Mitsuyoshi Anzai, also known as “Anzai-sensei,” is the highly respected […]

Haruko Akagi

Original Name 赤木 晴子 Romaji Name Akagi Haruko Nicknames Akagi Haruko, 赤木晴子, and 채소연 Series Slam Dunk Age 1st Year Weight Not available Height Not available Date of Birth Not available Blood Type Not available Haruko Akagi The heart and soul of Slam Dunk Personality Haruko Akagi, a character from the popular anime and manga […]

Youhei Mito

Japanese Name 水戸 洋平 Romaji Name Mito Youhei Nicknames Sakuragi’s Best Friend, Mito-chan Series Slam Dunk Age 16 Weight 68 kg Height 180 cm Date of Birth April 1 Blood Type B Youhei Mito A close friend and skilled fighter in “Slam Dunk”. Personality Youhei Mito, a character from the popular anime and manga series […]

Takenori Akagi

Japanese Name 赤木剛憲 Romaji Name Takenori Akagi Nicknames Gori Series Slam Dunk Age 3rd Year Weight 90 kg Height 197 cm Date of Birth (Not available) Blood Type (Not available) Personality Takenori Akagi, a prominent character in the popular basketball-themed manga and anime series “Slam Dunk,” has a strong and disciplined personality. As the captain […]

Akira Sendou

Japanese Name 仙道 彰 Romaji Name Sendou Akira Nicknames The Genius, Ryonan’s Ace Player Series Slam Dunk Age 16-17 Weight 79 kg (174 lbs.) Height 190 cm (6’3″) Date of Birth February 14th Blood Type Unknown Akira Sendou – The Ace Player of Ryonan High School Personality Akira Sendou, a character from the popular basketball […]

Ryouta Miyagi

情報 詳細 日本語名 宮城 リョータ Romaji名 Miyagi Ryouta ニックネーム ライトニング、ショーティ、リョウちん シリーズ Slam Dunk 年齢 16 – 17歳 体重 59 kg (130 lbs.) 身長 168 cm (5’6) 誕生日 7月31日 血液型 不明 Ryouta Miyagi The Lightning Point Guard of Slam Dunk Personality Ryouta Miyagi, also known as “Lightning,” “Shorty,” or “Ryou-chin,” is a character in the popular […]

Kaede Rukawa

Japanese Name 流川 楓 Romaji Name Rukawa Kaede Nicknames “Super Rookie”, “Ace of Shohoku” Series Slam Dunk Age Varies throughout the series Weight 75kg (165lb) Height 187cm (6 ft 2 in) Date of Birth January 1 Blood Type Unknown Kaede Rukawa from Slam Dunk: A phenomenal basketball ace Personality Kaede Rukawa, the main character in […]

Hisashi Mitsui

Japanese Name 三井 寿 Romaji Name Hisashi Mitsui Nicknames Mitch, Mit-chin Series Slam Dunk Age 3rd Year Weight 70 kg (154 lb) Height 184 cm (6 ft ½ in) Date of Birth 22nd May Blood Type Unknown Personality Hisashi Mitsui, a prominent character in the basketball-themed anime and manga series “Slam Dunk,” possesses a multifaceted […]