Zelgadis Graywords

Original Name ゼルガディス・グレイワーズ
Romaji Name Zelgadis Graywords
Nicknames Zel
Series Slayers
Age Unknown
Weight Varies (due to rock golem element)
Height Varies
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


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The enigmatic wizard swordsman from Slayers.


Zelgadis Graywords, also known as Zel, is a character from the popular anime and manga series “Slayers”. He is a wizard swordsman and a chimera, a unique being created by the fusion of a human, a rock golem, and a blue demon. Zelgadis has a serious and reserved demeanor. He remains calm and collected in most situations, often acting as the voice of reason within the group.
Despite his calm nature, Zelgadis harbors deep-seated fears and occasional outbursts of aggression stemming from the betrayal of his great-grandfather, Rezo the Red Priest. This past event has had a lasting effect on Zelgadis, fueling his determination to find a way to regain his lost humanity.


Zelgadis’ transformation into a Chimera was orchestrated by Rezo, who sought to harness his unique magical abilities. The process gave Zelgadis incredible strength, making him a formidable force in both magic and swordplay. However, it also left him with a rocky exterior and increased weight due to the incorporation of the Rock Golem Element.
Driven by a desire to regain his humanity and in search of answers to his origins, Zelgadis joins forces with the main protagonist, Lina Inverse, and her companions as they embark on various adventures together. Throughout their journey, Zelgadis displays unwavering loyalty and determination, always striving to uncover the truth behind his transformation.


Zelgadis Graywords has a striking and unique appearance that reflects his chimeric nature. His physicality combines elements of human, rock golem, and blue demon, resulting in a distinctive blend of features. Zelgadis is tall and muscular, with a stone-gray complexion and flowing blue hair that cascades down his back.
His eyes, a vivid shade of blue, have a piercing gaze that reflects his unwavering determination. Zelgadis typically wears dark clothing, including a long trench coat, gloves, and boots, which adds to his enigmatic and mysterious aura.


Zelgadis Graywords is a man of many skills, but his true expertise lies in shamanism. He possesses immense magical powers, capable of casting powerful spells and manipulating mystical energies. Zelgadis combines his magical abilities with his exceptional swordplay, making him a formidable fighter in both melee and ranged combat.
His mastery of shamanism gives him the ability to tap into the elemental forces of nature, allowing him to manipulate earth, water, and other natural elements to his advantage. Zelgadis’ strong will and determination amplify his magical abilities, allowing him to overcome formidable foes and protect his allies.

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Zelgadis Graywords hails from the fantasy world of Slayers, a realm filled with magic, mythical creatures, and epic adventure. Created by renowned Japanese author Hajime Kanzaka, the character of Zelgadis first appeared in the light novels, which later spawned an anime adaptation, a manga series, and various other media.
Zelgadis’ complex backstory, involving his transformation and his quest to regain his humanity, adds depth and intrigue to his character. Through his journey alongside Lina and her companions, Zelgadis explores themes of identity, redemption, and the search for one’s true self.
Zelgadis Graywords has become an iconic figure in the world of anime and manga, captivating audiences with his enigmatic personality, powerful abilities, and ongoing quest to find his place in a world that is both magical and uncertain.

Zelgadis Greywords – FAQ

FAQ about Zelgadis Graywords from “Slayers

Who is Zelgadis Graywords?
Zelgadis Graywords is a fictional character from the anime and light novel series “Slayers”. He is one of the main protagonists and is known for his unique appearance and magical abilities.
What does Zelgadis look like?
Zelgadis has a distinctive appearance that combines features of human, golem, and chimera. He has blue-gray skin, long silver hair, and glowing red eyes. His body is covered in stone-like scales, giving him a rugged and imposing appearance.
What are Zelgadis’s magical abilities?
Zelgadis is an accomplished sorcerer and martial artist. He specializes in earth- and stone-based magic, using spells such as Stone Golem and Ragna Blade. He also possesses enhanced physical strength and durability due to his golem heritage.
What is Zelgadis’ goal in Slayers?
Zelgadis is seeking a cure for the condition that turned him into a Chimera. He hopes to find a way to restore his human form and remove the stone-like scales that cover his body. His quest for a cure is a central motivation throughout the series.
What is Zelgadis’ personality like?
Zelgadis is typically quiet, reserved, and analytical. He can come across as aloof and distant, but he is also a loyal and dependable ally. Known for his intelligence and determination, he often takes a logical and strategic approach to solving problems.
Does Zelgadis have companions?
Yes, throughout the Slayers series, Zelgadis forms a close-knit group with the main protagonist, Lina Inverse, and another swordsman named Gourry Gabriev. Together, they embark on various adventures and face formidable foes.