Original Name (Japanese): ヴァルガーヴ
Romaji Name: Varugāvu
Nicknames: Val
Series: Slayers Try
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: 193 cm (6’4″)
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Valgaav, also known as Val, is a complex and multifaceted character. He harbors a deep sense of vengeance and anger toward the golden dragons who wiped out his race, the black dragons. This fuels his drive to seek retribution and summon the powerful Dark Star entity. However, Valgaav is also shown to have moments of vulnerability, questioning his purpose and the cycle of hate in which he has found himself.



ally known as Val, Valgaav was a member of the ancient black dragon race. During a time of war, his people were wiped out by the golden dragons, who feared their power. A mortally wounded Val was found by the demon dragon king Gaav, who offered him a chance at rebirth as a half-Mazoku, half-dragon being to help him seek revenge. Gaav then christened him “Valgaav.

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Valgaav has a tall, muscular build, standing at 6’4″. He has distinctive features, including long, silver-white hair that he often wears tied back. His eyes are a piercing golden color, and he has sharp, dragon-like features. Valgaav’s appearance reflects his dual nature as a dragon and a mazoku.


As a half-Mazoku, half-ancient dragon, Valgaav possesses immense power and abilities. He can use both magical and physical combat techniques, making him a formidable opponent. Valgaav’s dragon heritage gives him enhanced strength, speed, and durability. He can also transform into a powerful dragon form to unleash devastating attacks.


Valgaav’s origins are deeply rooted in the conflicts and power struggles of the Slayers universe. His transformation from the wounded black dragon Val to the vengeful Valgaav was orchestrated by the demon dragon king Gaav, who sought to use Valgaav’s thirst for vengeance against the golden dragons to further his own ends. Valgaav’s journey eventually leads him to become an integral part of the summoning of the Dark Star, a pivotal event in the Slayer’s story.

Valgaav – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Valgaav from “Slayers Try”:

Who is Valgaav?

Valgaav is a powerful ancient dragon who appears as the main antagonist in the “Slayers Try” anime series. He is a hybrid creature born from the fusion of the Dark Lord Gaav and a golden dragon, giving him immense magical abilities and fighting prowess.

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What is Valgaav’s backstory?

Valgaav was created when the Dark Lord Gaav fused with a golden dragon, creating a powerful hybrid being. He harbors a deep hatred for the Mazoku (demons) and Ryuuzoku (dragons) because of the way he was created and the suffering he endured. His goal is to destroy both races and establish a new order.

What are Valgaav’s powers and abilities?

A hybrid of a Mazoku and a Ryuuzoku, Valgaav possesses an incredible array of magical and physical abilities. He can use both dark and holy magic, and his combat skills are unparalleled. Valgaav also has the ability to transform into a massive dragon form, increasing his strength and destructive power.

How does Valgaav fit into the overall Slayers lore?

Valgaav serves as the primary antagonist in the “Slayers Try” arc, posing a significant threat to the protagonists, Lina Inverse and her companions. His backstory and motivations are deeply intertwined with the larger conflict between the Mazoku and the Ryuuzoku, making him a pivotal figure in the Slayers universe.

How does Valgaav interact with the main characters in Slayers?

Valgaav initially clashes with Lina and her friends, seeing them as obstacles to his plans. As the story progresses, however, a more complex relationship develops, with Valgaav sometimes becoming an unwilling ally. His interactions with the main characters, especially Lina and Zelgadis, are marked by a mixture of hostility and grudging respect.

What is Valgaav’s ultimate fate?

After a series of intense battles and revelations, Valgaav’s fate becomes intertwined with the larger conflict between the Mazoku and the Ryuuzoku. His arc culminates in a climactic showdown in which he is ultimately defeated, but not without leaving a lasting impact on the world of Slayers and its characters.