Matsuri Shihou

Original Name (Japanese): 四方 茉莉
Romaji Name: Shihou Matsuri
Nicknames: Calamity of the Night, Yaka Being
Series: Sola
Age: Unknown (Hundreds of years old)
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown

Matsuri Shihou (Sola)


Matsuri is described as a strange girl. She is a “Calamity of the Night”, also known as a Yaka being, and has lived for hundreds of years. Matsuri cannot come into contact with direct sunlight as it harms her. Her greatest wish is to one day stand under a true azure sky, something she has never seen before.

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Matsuri is the female protagonist of the Sola series. She is a Yaka being, a “calamity of the night”, and has lived for hundreds of years. Matsuri met Yorito early in the story.


Details on Matsuri’s appearance are limited, but she is depicted as a young girl with long hair.


As a Yaka being, Matsuri has the ability to exist as a “Calamity of the Night”. However, she cannot come into contact with direct sunlight, as it harms her.


Matsuri Shihou is an original character created for the Sola anime and manga series. She is a central character in the story and represents the themes of the series.

Matsuri Shihou – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Matsuri Shihou from the anime “Sola”:

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Who is Matsuri Shihou?

Matsuri Shihou is one of the main characters of the anime “Sola”. She is a young girl with purple hair and red eyes who has the ability to see people’s “threads of fate” – invisible connections that bind people together. Matsuri is a kind and caring person who tries to help those around her, although she can be mischievous at times.

What is Matsuri’s role in the story of “Sola”?

Matsuri plays a central role in the story of Sola. Her ability to see the threads of people’s fates allows her to understand the complex relationships and connections between the various characters. She uses this knowledge to try to help the people around her, often intervening in their lives to bring them happiness and fulfillment.

What is the significance of Matsuri’s ability to see threads?

Matsuri’s ability to see the threads of people’s fates is a key plot element in “Sola”. It allows her to peer into the interconnected lives of the characters and understand the deeper meaning behind their relationships and actions. This supernatural ability is a central part of Matsuri’s character and drives much of the show’s narrative.

How does Matsuri’s relationship with the other main characters develop throughout the series?

Matsuri has significant relationships with several of the other main characters in “Sola,” including Aono Morimiya, Yorito Morimiya, and Mana Ishizuki. Over the course of the series, these relationships deepen and become more complex as Matsuri uses her ability to see threads to try to understand and help the people around her.

What challenges does Matsuri face throughout the story?

Matsuri faces a number of challenges and difficulties throughout the events of “Sola”. Her supernatural ability to see the threads of people’s fates is both a gift and a burden, as it allows her to see the complexity of human relationships, but also causes her emotional distress at times. Matsuri also struggles with feelings of loneliness and a desire to connect with the people around her.

How does Matsuri’s character develop and change throughout the series?

Over the course of “Sola,” Matsuri undergoes significant personal growth and development. She begins as a somewhat naive and mischievous girl, but gradually becomes more mature and self-aware as she navigates the complexities of the relationships and situations she encounters. Her ability to see the threads of fate also becomes more central to her identity and sense of purpose.