Japanese Name イカロス
Romaji Name Ikaros
Nicknames Alpha, Uranus Queen
Series Sora no Otoshimono
Age Unknown
Weight 48 kg
Height 162 cm
Date of Birth December 25
Blood Type Unknown

Ikaros from “Sora no Otoshimono”: A Character Analysis


Ikaros, a central character in the anime series “Sora no Otoshimono”, has a unique and complex personality. Initially introduced as a submissive and melancholic Angeloid, she is remarkably obedient to the desires of the protagonist, Tomoki. Despite her seemingly passive nature, Ikaros occasionally displays moments of aggression when Tomoki’s life is in danger. Over time, Ikaros develops her emotional side and begins to understand human emotions, albeit with some difficulty. She harbors a deep affection for Tomoki, but her lack of emotional understanding often prevents her from expressing her feelings.


In the world of “Sora no Otoshimono”, Ikaros is an Angeloid, a type of advanced humanoid. She is initially introduced as a “pet class” Angeloid, but is later revealed to be a formidable “battle class” Angeloid. Ikaros was sent to Earth as a weapon of judgment, and her past actions include destroying the Tower of Babel and causing chaos in the realm of Synapse at the command of a human. Her history as “Queen of the Skies” and “Queen of Uranus” underscores her importance in the overarching narrative of the series.


Ikaros has a visually striking appearance that reflects her celestial origins. Standing 162 cm tall and weighing 48 kg, she has delicate and ethereal features. Her most notable physical attributes are her “variable” wings, which are highly coveted by the god of Synapse, Minos. Ikaros is depicted with long, pale blue hair cascading down her back, complementing her piercing blue eyes. Her overall design exudes a sense of grace and otherworldly beauty.


As an Angeloid, Ikaros possesses extraordinary abilities that set her apart from ordinary beings. She has the ability to grant almost any wish through the use of techno-magic cards. This power makes her a formidable force in battle. Ikaros can withstand high-pressure environments, fly at incredible speeds of Mach 24, and has an extraordinary durability that surpasses that of most submarines. Her arsenal of weapons and emotions becomes increasingly powerful as the story progresses, highlighting her evolution as a character.


“Ikaros” is the name by which she introduces herself, representing her designation as an Alpha-type Angeloid. Her journey begins when she bonds with Tomoki after he saves her life. Throughout the series, Ikaros navigates her identity as both a powerful weapon and an individual capable of complex emotions. Her character arc explores themes of self-discovery, the nature of humanity, and the importance of emotional growth.

Ikaros – FAQ

What is Ikaros in “Sora no Otoshimono”?

Ikaros is a character in the anime and manga series “Sora no Otoshimono” (Heaven’s Lost Property). She is an Angeloid, an advanced humanoid created by the leader of the New World Discovery Club, Tomoki Sakurai.

What are Ikaros’ abilities?

Ikaros has several powerful abilities. She can fly with her wings and has superhuman strength and speed. She also has access to advanced weapons, including a powerful energy cannon called the “APOLLON”. In addition, Ikaros has the ability to grant wishes, which plays an important role in the story.

How does Ikaros’ personality differ from other characters in the series?

Ikaros initially has a stoic and unemotional personality due to her nature as an Angeloid. However, as the series progresses, she begins to develop emotions and shows a caring and protective nature towards Tomoki and her friends. Her journey of self-discovery and understanding human emotions is a central theme of the series.

What is the relationship between Ikaros and Tomoki?

Ikaros develops a deep bond with Tomoki over the course of the series. At first, her bond with Tomoki is based on her programming as his personal servant. However, as Ikaros begins to experience emotions, her feelings for Tomoki evolve into romantic love. Their relationship becomes a major focus of the story, exploring themes of love, trust, and sacrifice.

Are there other Angeloids like Ikaros in “Sora no Otoshimono”?

Yes, there are other Angeloids in Sora no Otoshimono. Nymph and Astraea are two other Angeloids that play important roles in the series. Each Angeloid has unique abilities and a distinct personality. They contribute to the overall plot and character development, adding depth to the story.

Does Ikaros face any challenges or conflicts in the series?

Yes, Ikaros faces several challenges and conflicts throughout Sora no Otoshimono. One of the main conflicts is her struggle to understand and deal with human emotions. This internal conflict leads to external challenges, such as facing enemies who want to exploit her powers or harm her loved ones. Overcoming these obstacles and finding her place in the world is a central part of Ikaros’ character arc.