Original Name エクスカリバー
Romaji Name Ekusukaribā
Nicknames None
Series Soul Eater
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Excalibur from Soul Eater: A legendary character


Excalibur, the character from the anime and manga series “Soul Eater,” is a legendary sword with a rather unique personality. He has a massive ego that surpasses even that of Black Star, one of the main characters in the series. Excalibur demands an extensive list of tasks from anyone who wields it, including daily five-hour reading sessions. Despite his annoying habits, those who can tolerate his eccentricities are considered heroes. Excalibur’s presence in the story is primarily comedic, providing humorous moments throughout the series.


Excalibur is introduced in “Soul Eater” when two main characters, Kid and Black Star, discover a book about him and set out to find him. However, they soon realize that Excalibur himself wrote the book and quickly become frustrated with his personality, eventually giving up their quest to wield it. Despite his comical nature, Excalibur’s legendary powers are proven by a fellow student at Shibusen who successfully completes the tasks assigned to him and harnesses Excalibur’s abilities.


In his weapon form, Excalibur takes on the appearance of an elegant sword with a cartoonish gentleman with an exaggerated mustache. In his other form, however, Excalibur has a more comical appearance, often depicted without pants. His design contributes to the overall humor and lighthearted tone of the series.


Excalibur possesses incredible powers that make it a formidable weapon in battle. It can grant its wielder great power, including abilities such as light speed and teleportation. With Excalibur’s help, the wielder can easily defeat even the most powerful opponents in Shibusen. These legendary powers underscore Excalibur’s status as a renowned weapon capable of granting immense strength to those who can endure its demanding nature.


The character of Excalibur in “Soul Eater” is inspired by the legendary sword associated with King Arthur in Arthurian mythology. The mythical Excalibur is known for its magical properties and its connection to the rightful sovereignty of Britain. In the anime and manga series, Excalibur embodies the legendary sword and adds a comedic twist to its portrayal.

Excalibur – FAQ

What is Excalibur in Soul Eater?

Excalibur is a character in the manga and anime series “Soul Eater”. It is an extremely powerful and legendary weapon known as the “Holy Sword”.

What is Excalibur’s role in the series?

Excalibur plays a significant role in the series as a legendary weapon sought after by various characters. It possesses immense power and is said to be capable of granting great strength to its wielder.

How is Excalibur different from other weapons in Soul Eater?

Unlike other weapons in Soul Eater, Excalibur is a unique character. It is sentient and has a distinct personality, often characterized by its demanding and eccentric behavior.

What are Excalibur’s special abilities?

Excalibur has many special abilities, including the ability to grant immense power to his master. He is also known for his ability to manipulate energy, create powerful attacks, and perform various supernatural feats.

What are the requirements to wield Excalibur?

To wield Excalibur, a Master must be able to withstand its incredibly demanding and idiosyncratic personality. Excalibur has strict requirements and demands absolute loyalty and obedience from its master.

What are some of Excalibur’s notable personality traits or quirks?

Excalibur is known for his incredibly narcissistic and self-centered personality. He frequently boasts of his own greatness and demands constant attention and praise from others. He also has a habit of telling long, tedious stories that often irritate those around him.

Can Excalibur be defeated or destroyed for good?

While Excalibur is a powerful weapon, it cannot be permanently defeated or destroyed. It has an immortal existence and cannot be killed. However, characters in the series can choose to seal it away or avoid it altogether if they find its presence unbearable.