Original Name (Japanese): クリム
Romaji Name: Kurimu
Nicknames: None
Series: .hack//Sign, .hack//Gift, .hack//Unison
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown

Crim (.hack//Sign)


Crim is described as a friendly, easy-going, and outgoing individual. He prefers to keep his real-world identity separate from his in-game persona. His stated goal in playing The World is simply to have fun, though he is always willing to help others in need. Ryo Sakuma’s books are one of Crim’s favorite hobbies, and he often quotes passages from them in conversation.

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Crim is a powerful Long Arm in the .hack// universe. He founded the Crimson Knights organization with his friend Subaru, but later left because he felt it did not fit his personality. In the real world, Crim is a businessman who is often sent on business trips around the world. He has met the character BT in the real world.


Details about Crim’s appearance are not given in the source material. As a Long Arm in the game world of The World, he is likely tall and slender, and wears armor or robes appropriate to his class.


As a powerful Long Arm, Crim is skilled in the use of long-range weapons and magic. His abilities in The World are not explicitly stated, but his status as a founding member of the Crimson Knights suggests that he is a skilled and experienced player.


Crim is a character who appears in the .hack//Sign anime series, as well as the .hack//Gift and .hack//Unison spin-offs. He is a supporting character who plays an important role in the overall .hack// narrative.

Crim – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Crim from “Sousou no Frieren”:

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Who is Crim?

Crim is one of the main characters of the manga series “Sousou no Frieren”. He is an elven mage who was part of the adventuring party that defeated the Demon King alongside the protagonist Frieren centuries ago.

What is Crim’s role in the story?

Crim serves as a mentor and guide to Frieren, helping her navigate the changing world as she grapples with the passage of time and the mortality of her former companions. He provides insight and wisdom from his own experiences over the centuries.

What are Crim’s powers and abilities?

Crim is a skilled mage, capable of using powerful elemental magic. He also has extensive knowledge of history, politics, and the workings of the world, which he shares with Frieren to help her better understand the changes she is witnessing.

How did Crim and Frieren meet?

Crim and Frieren were both members of the adventuring party that defeated the Demon King long ago. In the course of their quest together, they formed a close bond and friendship that has endured for centuries.

What is Crim’s personality like?

Crim is generally calm, patient, and level-headed. He serves as a stabilizing presence to the often melancholy Frieren, offering a more optimistic and pragmatic perspective. Crim is also known for his dry sense of humor and occasional mischievousness.

How does Crim’s relationship with Frieren develop throughout the story?

As Frieren struggles with the passage of time and the loss of her other companions, Crim’s role as mentor and confidant becomes increasingly important. The two elves share a deep understanding and respect for one another, and their friendship grows stronger as they navigate the changing world together.