Ursula Y Ddraig

Original Name (Japanese): ウルスラ・ア・ズライグ
Romaji Name: Ursula Y Ddraig
Nicknames: ** Kouhai
Series: Sousou no Frieren
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Ursula Y Ddraig is portrayed as a rather bratty and arrogant character who often looks down on others. However, she also possesses a great deal of knowledge, as dragons like her inherit the memories of their ancestors. Despite her haughty demeanor, Ursula seems to care about her fellow students at the Ark Metropolitan Academy, the school she attends.


Ursula is a dragon who attends the Ark Metropolitan Academy, a school for various supernatural races. As a dragon, Ursula has access to the vast knowledge and memories passed down from her ancestors, giving her a significant intellectual advantage over her peers.

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Ursula has a youthful appearance, with shoulder-length white hair and striking red eyes. Her dragon heritage is evident in her overall aesthetic, which evokes a sense of power and mysticism.


As a dragon, Ursula possesses a wide range of abilities, including the strength and resilience characteristic of her kind. She is likely capable of feats such as fire-breathing, flight, and possibly even resurrection magic, drawing on the powers of her draconic lineage.


Ursula Y Ddraig is a character who appears in the series “Sousou no Frieren”, which is set in a fantasy world populated by various supernatural races. Her dragon heritage and her attendance at the Ark Metropolitan Academy suggest that she is an integral part of the world-building and character dynamics within this series.

Ursula Y Draig – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Ursula Y Ddraig from “Sousou no Frieren”:

What is Ursula Y Ddraig’s role in the story?

Ursula Y Ddraig is one of the main characters in “Sousou no Frieren”. She is an immortal elf who has traveled with the hero Heaven’s party for centuries, even after Heaven and the rest of the party have died. Ursula acts as a guide and mentor to the young elf Frieren, imparting her wisdom and experience from her long life.

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What are Ursula’s powers and abilities?

As an immortal elf, Ursula possesses extraordinary magical abilities and longevity. She is highly skilled in various forms of magic, including healing, fire magic, and defensive spells. Ursula’s vast experience over the centuries also makes her a formidable strategist and problem solver.

What is Ursula’s relationship to Frieren?

Ursula acts as a mentor and mother figure to the young elf Frieren. She takes Frieren under her wing after the party’s adventures and helps guide her on her own journey of self-discovery. Though Frieren can be aloof and emotionally distant, Ursula cares deeply for her and wants to see her grow and find meaning in her immortal existence.

How old is Ursula?

Ursula’s exact age is never explicitly stated, but it is clear that she has lived for centuries, if not millennia. As an immortal elf, she has witnessed the rise and fall of empires and the passing of countless mortal companions. Her vast experience and knowledge are a testament to her advanced age.

What is Ursula’s backstory?

Ursula’s backstory is slowly revealed throughout the series. It is known that she was part of Heaven’s party of adventurers long ago, and that she has outlived all of her former companions. Glimpses of her past suggest a complicated story of joy and sorrow that has shaped her into the wise, world-weary elf she is today.

How does Ursula feel about her immortality?

Ursula’s immortality has been both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it has allowed her to gain immense knowledge and experience throughout her long life. On the other hand, she has suffered the loss of countless loved ones, including her former adventuring companions. Ursula struggles with feelings of loneliness and the burden of her immortal existence, even as she strives to use her gifts to guide and support Frieren.