Original Name コブラ
Romaji Name Cobra
Nicknames Johnson, Joe Gillian
Series Space Cobra
Age N/A
Weight 193 lbs
Height 6’4″
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A

Cobra from “Space Cobra”: A legendary adventurer

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Cobra, also known as Johnson, Joe Gillian, is the charismatic and enigmatic protagonist of the anime series “Space Cobra”. Known for his laid-back and carefree demeanor, Cobra possesses a charming personality that captivates those around him. He is a highly skilled and resourceful adventurer, always ready to take on dangerous missions and explore the vastness of space.


Not much is known about Cobra’s past, adding to the air of mystery that surrounds him. He leads a nomadic lifestyle, traveling through space in his iconic spaceship, the Turtle. Cobra is a legendary figure in the world of space exploration, and his name is synonymous with adventure and danger. Despite his reputation, he often finds himself in unexpected situations, uncovering secrets and facing powerful adversaries along the way.


Cobra’s appearance is striking and distinctive. Standing at an impressive 6’4″ and weighing 193 pounds, he cuts a formidable figure. His most recognizable feature is his rugged charm, which is accentuated by his charismatic smile and piercing blue eyes. Cobra’s facial features bear a resemblance to the famous French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo, giving him a unique and captivating allure.


Cobra possesses exceptional combat skills and is a master of various weapons. His signature weapon is the Psychogun, a cybernetic arm-laser linked to his brain. This advanced weapon allows him to target enemies without requiring line-of-sight, giving him a significant advantage in combat. However, prolonged use of the psychogun drains Cobra’s mental energy. In addition to his high-tech armament, he also carries a trusty old-fashioned magnum revolver as a backup.


Cobra was created by renowned manga artist Buichi Terasawa, who based the character on the iconic French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo. The inspiration for Cobra’s facial features and sense of humor can be traced back to the characters Belmondo played in his films. First introduced in the manga series “Cobra” and later adapted into an anime, Cobra has become an enduring and popular character in the world of science fiction and space-themed storytelling.
Cobra’s adventures take him to distant planets, dangerous underworlds, and encounters with fascinating characters. With his unique blend of charm, combat prowess, and a touch of mystery, Cobra continues to captivate audiences as he navigates the cosmos in search of excitement and thrills.
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Cobra – FAQ

Who is Space Cobra?

Space Cobra is the main character of the science fiction manga and anime series “Space Cobra”. He is a notorious space pirate with extraordinary skills and abilities.

What are Cobra’s special abilities?

Cobra has a unique cybernetic left arm that can transform into various weapons, including a powerful energy cannon. He also has enhanced physical strength, agility and reflexes. In addition, Cobra is known for his exceptional marksmanship and combat skills.

Why is the Cobra considered a space pirate?

Cobra is considered a space pirate because he operates outside the law and engages in various illegal activities such as smuggling and theft. He travels the galaxy in his spaceship, the Turtle, taking on dangerous missions for his own profit.

What motivates Cobra?

Cobra is primarily motivated by his desire for freedom and adventure. He has a rebellious nature and enjoys living life on his own terms. He is also driven by a sense of justice and often helps those in need, especially women who are oppressed or abused.

Who are Cobra’s allies?

Cobra has a few recurring allies who help him in his adventures. Lady Armaroid, an advanced android, serves as his loyal companion and provides technical support. Cobra also forms a close bond with Dominique Stern, a skilled bounty hunter, and Crystal Bowie, a mysterious psychic.
Cobra can be considered an anti-hero. While he engages in illegal activities and operates outside the law, he often uses his skills and abilities to help those in need and fight oppressive forces. His actions are motivated by a sense of justice, although he doesn’t always follow conventional moral standards.

What is Cobra’s spaceship?

Cobra’s ship is called the Turtle. It is a technologically advanced ship equipped with various weapons and gadgets. The Turtle has a distinctive design that resembles a turtle shell, and it serves as Cobra’s mobile base as he travels through space.

Are there any notable villains in Space Cobra?

Yes, Space Cobra encounters numerous villains throughout the series. One notable antagonist is Crystal Boy, a powerful cyborg who attempts to capture Cobra and collect the bounty on his head. Other notable villains include the Pirate Guild, an organization of space pirates, and the Galactic Patrol, a law enforcement agency that opposes Cobra’s activities.