Kei Takishima

Original Name 滝島 彗
Romaji Name Takishima Kei
Nicknames “Number Two,” “Miss Rank Two”
Series Special A
Age 17
Weight 65 kg
Height 187 cm
Date of Birth November 22
Blood Type Unknown


Kei Takishima, from the anime and manga series “Special A”, is portrayed as a calm, composed, and highly intelligent character. He is known for his exceptional academic and athletic abilities, excelling in various subjects as well as martial arts. Kei is often seen as a smooth winner and rarely gets stressed or worried, except when it comes to Hikari, the female protagonist of the series.
Kei has a unique way of teasing Hikari, referring to her as “Number Two” or “Miss Rank Two,” which never fails to provoke her. Despite his confident demeanor, Kei harbors deep feelings for Hikari, though she remains unaware of his affections. Kei is reluctant to confess his love or ask her out for fear that she will not take it seriously or laugh it off due to her naivety in matters of love.
Though generally stoic and calm, Kei becomes anxious when Hikari pushes herself too hard. He admires and respects her determination, even though it worries him. Kei’s character development throughout the series revolves around learning the value of teamwork and the joy of working with others, as Hikari gradually opens his eyes to this perspective.


Kei Takishima comes from a prestigious family and holds a prominent position in the school’s hierarchy. He is the highest ranking student in the entire school, known as S.A. (Special A). Kei comes from the influential Takishima Group, and his grandfather is the president of the company. His parents are also important figures in the Takishima Group.


Kei Takishima has a striking appearance, characterized by his tall stature and well-groomed appearance. He has neatly styled blond hair and captivating blue eyes. Kei’s refined and elegant appearance complements his sophisticated personality.


Kei is a prodigious student with exceptional abilities in various fields. He has a remarkable memory that allows him to remember everything he reads, including phone numbers. Kei’s academic prowess extends to athletics and martial arts, where he demonstrates remarkable skill and competence. His all-around excellence in academics, sports, and martial arts contributes to his reputation as the school’s top student.


Kei Takishima comes from the anime and manga series “Special A”. Created by Maki Minami, the series revolves around the lives of the S.A., a group of seven elite students who excel in various fields. Kei serves as one of the main protagonists alongside Hikari Hanazono, with their evolving relationship forming the central focus of the story.
Throughout the series, Kei’s character evolves as he learns to balance his individual excellence with the value of teamwork and cooperation. His interactions with Hikari and the other members of the S.A. shape his growth and contribute to the overall narrative arc of “Special A”.

Kei Takishima – FAQ

Who is Kei Takishima?

Kei Takishima is one of the main characters in the anime and manga series “Special A”. He is a highly intelligent and talented student known for his exceptional academic and athletic abilities.

What are Kei Takishima’s special skills?

Kei Takishima has exceptional intelligence and is considered a genius. He excels in various subjects and has a remarkable memory. He is also an exceptional athlete and is particularly skilled at tennis.

What is the relationship between Kei Takishima and Hikari Hanazono?

Kei Takishima and Hikari Hanazono have a complicated relationship. They are childhood friends and rivals. Kei has always been one step ahead of Hikari academically and athletically, which fuels their competitive dynamic. However, as the story progresses, their relationship develops into a deep bond of friendship and later blossoms into a romantic relationship.

Does Kei Takishima have a weakness?

Although Kei Takishima is portrayed as almost perfect, he does have flaws. One of his most notable flaws is his over-reliance on his intellect and talent, which sometimes makes it difficult for him to understand the emotions and struggles of others. In addition, he can be socially awkward and has difficulty expressing his feelings.

What is Kei Takishima’s role in the “Special A” group?

Kei Takishima is a member of the “Special A” group, which consists of the top seven students at the prestigious Hakusenkan Academy. He holds the position of second ranking member, just below the group’s leader, Hikari Hanazono. Kei’s role in the group is to assist Hikari and participate in various academic and athletic competitions.

Is Kei Takishima a kind and caring person?

Although Kei Takishima may seem aloof and distant, he is actually a kind and caring person. Though he may not always show it, he cares deeply for his friends and is willing to go to great lengths to protect and support them. Despite his intellectual superiority, he treats others with respect and kindness.