Loid Forger

Original Name ロイド・フォージャー
Romaji Name Loid Forger
Nicknames Twilight
Series Spy x Family
Age Unknown
Weight 70-90 kg
Height 187 cm
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


Loid Forger, also known by his codename “Twilight”, is a complex and intriguing character from the manga and anime series “Spy x Family”. He possesses a cunning and intelligent personality that serves him well in his role as an undercover spy. Loid is highly skilled at adapting to different situations and assuming different identities in order to successfully complete his missions. Despite his profession, Loid is shown to be a caring and protective individual, especially when it comes to his adopted daughter, Anya Forger, and his wife, Yor Briar.


Loid Forger’s background is shrouded in mystery. He is a war orphan who grew up without knowing his real name or age. Motivated by a desire to create a world where children didn’t cry, Loid became an intelligence agent. As part of his mission, he was tasked with creating a fake family to infiltrate a politician named Donovan Desmond. In just seven days, Loid adopted Anya as his daughter and married Yor to establish his cover.


Loid Forger is a handsome man with short blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. He is often seen with his hair slicked back, though the degree of slicking can vary depending on the situation. Loid’s appearance is meticulously maintained to ensure his effectiveness as a master spy. He dresses immaculately, often wearing sophisticated suits and attire appropriate for his undercover assignments.


The Loid Forger possesses a wide range of extraordinary abilities that make him a formidable spy. He possesses a genius-level intellect that allows him to quickly analyze situations and come up with creative solutions. Loid is skilled in espionage, adept at covertly gathering information and navigating intricate networks of deception. He possesses superior physical attributes and excels in melee combat and marksmanship. Loid is also a master of disguise, capable of assuming multiple identities with impeccable ease. His powers of observation are keen, allowing him to pick up on subtle details that others might miss. In addition, Loid has demonstrated impressive tennis skills, demonstrating his versatility beyond his spy work.


Loid Forger’s origins and past are largely unknown. His status as a war orphan and his subsequent entry into the world of espionage are significant aspects of his origin story. Loid’s motivations to create a better world and protect children from suffering further highlight his character’s origins. While the details of his upbringing and the circumstances that led him to become a spy have yet to be fully explored, they add to the depth and complexity of Loid Forger as a character.

Loid Forger – FAQ

FAQ about the Loid Forger from Spy x Family

Who is Loid Forger?
Loid Forger, also known by his codename Twilight, is the main protagonist of the manga series “Spy x Family”. He is a highly skilled spy who works for the intelligence agency known as “Wise”.
What is Loid Forger’s mission?
Loid’s primary mission is to gather intelligence and conduct covert operations to protect the interests of his country. He is often assigned dangerous and high-stakes missions due to his exceptional spying skills.
How does Loid Forger’s spy life intersect with his personal life?
Loid’s spy life intersects with his personal life in a unique way. In order to complete a mission, he must create a cover as a family man. As a result, he must create a fake family, including a wife and daughter, to maintain his cover. This leads to some hilarious and heartwarming situations in the story.
What are Loid Forger’s special skills and abilities?
Loid is a highly skilled spy with expertise in many areas. He excels at espionage, intelligence gathering, combat, disguise, and manipulation. He is trained in several languages and has excellent analytical and deductive skills, making him an exceptional spy.
Does the Loid Forger have any weaknesses?
While Loid is a capable spy, he does have some weaknesses. One of his weaknesses is his inability to understand emotions and social cues, which makes it difficult for him to navigate personal relationships. In addition, his devotion to his mission sometimes creates conflicts with his fake family, leading to emotional dilemmas.
What drives Loid Forger as a character?
Loid’s primary motivation is his commitment to his duty as a spy. He is driven by his loyalty to his country and his desire to protect its interests. In addition, as the story progresses, his affection for his fake family grows, and he becomes determined to protect them from the dangers of his spy life.